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III. ACTION PLAN:    A. Access    B. ICT Literacy   C. Professional Development    D. Community      [Data[ICTLitKit

Professional Development

The staff development section should include strategies for deciding what professional development should be provided, goals for staff development, how to assess the achievement of these goals, training models, and possible sources of training. Training should be provided for administrators, educators, and support staff. The connection between technology training/support and your Master Professional Development Plan should be clear.

Items to potentially include are:

  • Goals for training and support which describe a clear strategy for specific staff development activities.

  • Explanation of how training and support correlates with the Local Educational Improvement Plan.

  • Plans for staff development activities with clear references to your professional development needs and self-evaluation tools. Explain how professional development relates to the curriculum. Identify workshop and research topics including the expected funding sources (grants, local budget).

  • Include a list of specific training and technical assistance resources your district intends to utilize. These may include offerings from educational institutions as well as local staff development workshops and local continuing education programs. Here is a list of some institutions commonly utilized by NH districts:

Budget and Evaluation are separate sections of the technology plan. When formulating your action steps for Professional Development, you should be thinking about:

    • costs
    • your local budget
    • methods of evaluation.


Ed 306 Minimum Standards for Public School Approval:


  • The plan must include an assessment of the telecommunication services, hardware, software, and other services that will be needed to improve education or library services;

  • The plan must have a professional development strategy to ensure that staff know how to use these new technologies to improve education or library services;


  • Read about LOTI and other assessments in the article "Measurers of Success" by Christopher Moersch, published in Nov '02 issue of ISTE's Learning and Leading with Technology.

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