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II. GOALS:   -Specific District Goals     -Aligned to State Standards


The plan should describe the district’s specific goals, aligned with challenging state standards, for using advanced technology to improve student academic achievement.

Specific District Goals

Goals should be clear and concise, should support the district's vision for technology, and align with goals in the district's Professional Development Master Plan and Local Educational Improvement Plan.

Plans which merely provide an itemized "shopping list" of desired services and technologies are strongly discouraged as they fail to address the essence of the planning process.

Keep in mind that you will need to create action plans related to implementing the goals, along with budget details and means of gathering data for assessment and evaluation. These elements are addressed in the Action Plan, Budget, and Evaluation sections of this planning guide.

Aligned to State Standards

The standards currently used in New Hampshire to approve schools are undergoing revisions, with significant updates planned for all sections of the standards document. The following sections are of particular note for technology planners:

  • Instructional Resources Program
  • Distance Education Program
  • Information and Communication Technologies Program

New Hampshire has relied on its content area curriculum frameworks in the development of state assessment items. With the passing of the No Child Left Behind Act, New Hampshire has been involved in developing Grade Level Expectations which will coincide with the new grade level assessments.


Ed 306 Minimum Standards for Public School Approval:

  • Ed 306.05 School Philosophy, Goals, and Objectives


  • The plan must establish clear goals and a realistic strategy for using telecommunications and information technology to improve education or library services.

Tech Plan Examples:

  • View exemplary technology goal statements on Page 8 of the Merrimack School District Technology Plan

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Last update: 10/9/04