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What do you need to meet your goals? Build a budget reflective of the plan's goals. Be specific in your cost projections. What do you need to support effective professional development? What equipment and software will be needed and when?

Budget & Timeline

The plan should include a description of the type and costs of technology to be acquired with technology funds, including provisions for interoperability of components. Identify specific titles or at least categories of supporting resources needed, such as software and subscription services, and project their costs. Itemize expenses according to each year of the plan to ensure that future planned purchases are likely to be realized.

Include the following categories, as well as other expenses necessary to accomplish the objectives of the plan:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Networking
  • Professional Development
  • Staffing (admin, tech, integration)

Upgrades & Replacements

Be sure to include replacement costs and upgrades that will be necessary to ensure effective technology use. You may wish to consider this list of hardware cost estimates.

Coordination with Other Funds

Describe how activities funded by grant funds will be coordinated with technology-related activities supported by funds from other sources, whether local, state, federal, or private non-profit.




  • The plan must provide for a sufficient budget to acquire and support the non-(E-Rate) discounted elements of the plan: the hardware, software, professional development, and other services that will be needed to implement the strategy for improved education services.


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Last update: December 2, 2013