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V. EVALUATION:     -Monitoring Process      -Data Collection


Your plan is a dynamic document, implemented over time and revised as progress is made and new opportunities arise. In order for successful results to occur, a plan must be driven by the examination and analysis of data relative to all areas. The process is cyclical, at times involving the gathering of initial data and at other times focused on recurring collection and analysis of data.

The plan should describe the monitoring process and accountability measures that will be used to evaluate the extent to which activities are effective in:

  • integrating technology into curriculum and instruction,
  • increasing the ability of teachers to teach, and
  • enabling students to reach challenging state academic standards.

Monitoring Process

The plan should include an evaluation timeline and should indicate which district staff will be responsible for carrying out specific steps of the evaluation process. There should be a process established to respond to new opportunities and revise the plan as needed.

Data Collection

Your accountability measures include using the various data that are available to you. There are many data collection resources available to districts for planning and evaluating technology use. Some resources, such as the annual NH School Building Technology Survey, are required data collection tools. Other resources are included in this planning guide as useful examples from which to choose and customize as needed for your district.

At a minimum, you should build the following into your evaluation plan:

  • Person responsible for carrying out each evaluation measure
  • Timeline indicating weeks or months when each step will occur during each year of the plan
  • Name of data tool being used for each accountability measure
  • Benchmarks against which you will measure progress


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Ed 306 Minimum Standards for Public School Approval:

  • Ed 306.14 Basic Instructional Standards
  • Ed 306.23 Statistical Reports; Accountability
  • Ed 306.24 Assessment
  • Also: all Subject Area Sections of the Standards


  • The plan includes an evaluation process that enables the school to monitor progress toward the specified goals and make midcourse corrections in response to new developments and opportunities as they arise.
  • The plan must include an assessment of the telecommunication services, hardware, software, and other services that will be needed to improve education or library services.


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Last update: December 2, 2013