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Introduction to the Guide

Why Attracting, Hiring and Retaining educators is
important to student achievement
This section includes information about gathering data, assessing where you are, establsihing a recruitment team, developing a recruitment and retention plan, and measuring effectiveness of your efforts.

This section focuses on attracting qualified candidates and includes information on marketing your district, crafting specific recruitment messages, expanding your recruitment, and investigating nontraditional candidates.

This section will help you make the most of the hiring process, with information and ideas for developing an information rich hiring process and making it effective at selecting candidates that are the best fit for your needs.
This section presents information about what works to help support beginning educators and what factors help retain quality educators over time.

Throughout the guide you will see icons that represent tools and resources to increase your understanding and to help you implement new practices in your school or district. They include:

Short articles about related topics, usually written by and for educators.

Real world examples of practices in use in school districts.

Resources, including organizations and websites, that provide information and services to schools for recruiting, hiring, and supporting educators.

Tools that you can use or can adapt for your own circumstances.

As you go through the guide you will see these icons to indicate links to these resources. You can also find the full list of all the articles, real world examples, resources, and tools in one place on the Resource page.

Throughout the guide you will see references to research articles. You can click on the link in the reference to get the full citation and you can see the full list of research used for this guide on the Bibliography page.

To see a list of the entire contents of the Guide go to the Site Map.


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