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Attract Qualified Candidates

Attracting qualified candidates requires both long-term planning and the ability to quickly mount a recruitment campaign for immediate needs.

When this isn’t working as well, the consequences can be:

  • No applicants;
  • Applicants who are not a good fit;
  • Not enough applicants to have a real choice;
  • Settling for a candidate who is not a good match for your needs;
  • Late hires;
  • Unfilled positions.

When this works well, the consequences can be:

  • Enough quality candidates apply so that you can select a candidate whose skills, knowledge, and disposition most closely match your school’s needs;
  • A more diverse educator workforce;
  • Applicants see the opening as an attractive opportunity.
If your district is experiencing challenges attracting qualified candidates, you may want to consider implementing some strategies to widen the net to attract more potential applicants.

Promising Strategies

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