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Guiding Principles

Research and debate about how to attract educators to the profession and to schools and how to nurture and keep quality educators in the field has burgeoned in recent years. The issues are complex and much research has yet to be done. This guide does not pretend to be a silver bullet that will solve all of the challenges that face local districts in their efforts to attract, hire, and retain quality educators. Rather, the Guide is meant to assist local districts in identifying and implementing practical strategies.

Ideas that Informed the Development of the Guide:

1. An individual school or district ’s ability to attract, hire, and support educators is affected by a multitude of issues over which the school or district has varying control.

2. Districts are trying to do a good job at attracting, hiring, and supporting educators; all are doing some things well and all could improve in some areas.

3. There are a variety of strategies, ranging from small and easy to implement to large and systemic, that districts can use to improve the way they attract, hire and support educators.

4. Attracting, hiring and supporting educators is the responsibility of everyone in the school community.

5. Implementing even a few strategies can result in a district or school doing a better job at attracting, hiring, and supporting quality educators.


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