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Note to Administrators: Using the Guide

This guide provides information on a variety of practices to help enhance local efforts for recruiting and retaining talented educators. The role of administrators in recruitment and retention is vital; to provide strategic leadership, to empower staff and community in recruitment and retention efforts, and for day-to-day support for new and veteran educators.

In the table below, the left column contains links to brief articles about the the role of administrators in recuritment and retention efforts. On the right you will find links to the section of the Guide the offers specific information, strategies, and tools for your school or district.

Administrators Role in Leading and Planning Recruitment and Retention Efforts Where to go in the Guide to find out more:

Jim O'Laughlin, Recruitment: a comprehensive approach, Leadership, Jan, 2001

Richard M. Ingersoll, Holes in the teacher supply bucket, School Administrator, March 2002

Benjamin O. Canada, President’s Corner:  A strategic view of recruitment, School Administrator, January 2001

Why attracting and retaining educators is important ..... Go to Overview Section of the Guide

Strageties for assessing and planning recruitment and retention efforts...... Go to the Assess Section of the Guide

Administrator's Role in Atracting and Hiring Talented Educators Where to go in the Guide to find out more:
Landing the "highly qualified teacher" Harvard Education Letter, January/February 2004. How your school or district can attract qualified educators... Go to the Attract Section of the Guide

How to make the most of the hiring process.....Go to the Hire Section of the Guide

Administrator's Role in Retaining Talented Educators Where to go in the Guide to find out more:

It’s the principal of the thing! Education World, September 2002.

What new teachers value most in principals, NAESP, Januray/February 2004

Principals hold key to teacher retention, Education World, 2006

What works to help support beginning educators and what factors help retain quality educators over time. Go to the Support Section of the Guide


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