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Non-Traditional Candidates

What We Know from Research:

Those who enter teaching through alternative certification tend to be older and include more men and more non-whites than the population of teachers who enter teaching though traditional teacher preparation programs. (National Center for Education Information, 2005)

Nearly half (47%) of those entering teaching through alternate routes say they would not have become a teacher if an alternate route to certification had not been available. (National Center for Education Information, 2004)

Promising Strategies for Attracting Alternative Certification Candidates

  • Learn about the alternative pathways to teacher certification. The NH Department of Education can provide information and assistance with alternative certification

NH Department of Education Pathways to Certification

  • Explore programs that encourage and support teachers certified through an alternative pathway

Teach for America
Teacher recruitment program aimed at recruiting outstanding and diverse recent college graduates, of all academic majors. The participants commit to two years of teaching in under-served urban and rural public schools.

Troops to Teachers
A referral assistance and placement service for military personnel interested in beginning a second career as a teacher.

List of approved New Hampshire professional education preparation programs

Salyer, Barbara A. Alternatively and traditionally certified teachers: The same but different. NASSP Bulletin. Retreived March 16, 2007.





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