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Using Technology to Support Alternative Assessment
& Electronic Portfolios

This set of web pages will describe and discuss the use of technology to support alternative assessment from a number of perspectives. Developed and maintained by Dr. Helen Barrett, Assistant Professor, Educational Technology, School of Education, University of Alaska Anchorage.
The Teaching Portfolio At
Washington State University
A "teaching portfolio" is a compilation of information about a faculty member's teaching, made by that faculty member, often for use in consideration for tenure or promotion. It is not, in itself, an instrument for teaching evaluation, but a vehicle for presenting information which may include results of evaluations and which may itself contribute to evaluation. It can therefore be selective, emphasizing the positive--to serve as a showcase for the faculty member's achievements in teaching, not necessarily a comprehensive or balanced picture of everything.
The Kalamazoo College Portfolio
Kalamazoo’s Portfolio helps students understand and articulate their educational experiences, see the connections between the parts of a “K” education, collect their significant academic and experiential work in one place, develop long-term goals and plans that give coherence and direction to their education, and learn Web design.
Personal and Professional
Learning Portfolios
Learners of all kinds benefit from guidance and feedback leading to work that demonstrates what they know and are able to do. A mentored portfolio program in your school or organization provides a way for learners certify their achievement, develop self-direction, receive critical feedback from trusted advisors, and to build electronic portfolios of their work.
What Is the Grady Profile?
In short, Grady Profile is software with two purposes:
1. It helps classroom teachers (preK - college) manage the new assessment models for performance assessment, authentic assessment, standards-based assessment and portfolios.
2. It is a learning tool for students (preK to in-service teachers [we assume teachers are learners,too]) because it asks them to think about their work, assess it honestly, reflect on it and connect what they've just done to their past and future learning.
Chalk & Wiree-portfolios
A powerful tool to assist you in presenting a professional portfolio for purposes of accreditation or career advancement! Showcase your students' or your own work and professional development over time. Create a personal web-site in a few easy steps.
How is it done? For a detailed overview of all the newest ePortfolio™ with RubricMarker™ features click here. This tour will open in a new browser window.
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Welcome to digitalbrain!
As the use of ICT in schools, colleges and the workplace has increased, the need to develop new ways of learning, working and training has become more urgent.
Digitalbrain has developed powerful solutions to meet the needs of individuals, learning communities and businesses. It is now possible for students and employees to store, access, retrieve, edit and create their work on line via any web-enabled device. With anytime, anywhere access to learning and training opportunities, it makes sense that the achievements of individuals should be assessed in their working environment.
ePortfolio is secure, with candidate's progress towards assessment fully audited. It enables internal assessors to provide feedback and results to candidates - remotely, of course! Using a robust 'permissions' framework, the opportunities to plagiarise or copy material are significantly reduced, while the potential to explore and develop new kinds of 'evidence' are enhanced. Assessment Managers now have cost effective and easy tools to manage portfolio developments and submissions for moderation.
A Collaborative Environment for Portfolio Development
The Alternative Certification Program (ACP) in the Houston Independent School District (HISD) was formed in 1985 to recruit, train, support, and certify degreed professionals so that they could alleviate the critical shortage of teachers in the District. HISD has teamed with the University of Saint Thomas School of Education and Rice University's Center for Technology and Learning in a PT3 grant to infuse technology into all aspects of the training and certification of the ACP teacher candidates ("Project Teacher Certification in a Virtual Classroom").
E-Portfolios Add Value at University of Wisconsin at River Falls
E-portfolios are helping student teachers at the University of Wisconsin at River Falls (UW-RF) gain recognition for their technology experience and prepare to compete in the job market.
Based on feedback from teachers in the field, faculty at UW-RF recognized the importance of providing students with a means of showcasing their learning experience in technology. UW-RF faculty used a PT3 grant to develop an e-portfolio program that is having a positive impact on the students as well as the faculty and school districts involved.
Digital Packrats
As state legislatures and governing bodies across the country demand that teachers demonstrate specific competencies, preservice teachers are responding with powerful exhibits of their skills and achievements. Called "electronic portfolios," these exhibits use technology like digital photographs and film clips, databases, and spreadsheets to showcase concrete evidence of proficiency.
In the 49th state, the results are especially compelling. One hundred percent of last year's class at the University of Alaska/Anchorage (UAA) School of Education has been hired and is today at work in the classroom. Electronic portfolios, they say, show assessors - whether grading professors or prospective employers - what a transcript or test result simply cannot: knowledge and achievement, growth and evolution, and reflection over time.
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