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Frameworks & Lesson Plans

You can search the frameworks database by (a) text or (b) numbered standards. Use the search boxes below to run your search.

NOTE: If you are looking for lesson plans correlated to NH standards, this database is not yet correlated to lessons. However, you can still visit the original NHEON database to search for lessons, but keep in mind that results are correlated to the old NHEIAP standards, not the new NECAP standards.

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For example: M:F&A:7:3

Get the complete set of PDF and Word frameworks documents from the NH Department of Education website.

Standards within The Arts framework are currently being renumbered to be consistent with this new database and the other frameworks. The Arts standards will be added to this searchable database very soon. Download The Arts frameworks in PDF or Word format from: http://www.ed.state.nh.us/education/doe/organization/curriculum/Arts/Arts.htm

World Languages standards information is available at: http://www.ed.state.nh.us/education/doe/organization/curriculum/Assessment/WorldLanguages.htm

A Note on the Frameworks Numbering System:

Framework Identifiers are composed of a combination of letters and numbers as in the following example of a Mathematics (M) standard.

Each GLE includes a bolded statement called the "stem." Each "stem" is the same or similar across the grades for a given GLE, and is meant to communicate the main curricular and instructional focus of the GLE across the grades. Unbolded text within a GLE indicates the expectations for that given grade-level. Underlined text indicates the concepts and skills that are new to a given grade.

Each GLE is coded for the content strand, grade level, and the GLE “stem” number (e.g., M:F&A:7:3: The “M” stands for mathematics, the “F&A” stands for the Functions and Algebra strand, the “7” indicates a standard for grade 7 to be assessed in the fall of grade 8, and the “3” stands for stem 3 or the 3rd big idea in the Functions and Algebra strand). See the diagram on page 9.


M:F&A:7:3 The first code is the frameworks area, which in this example is "M" for mathematics.

M:F&A:7:3 The second code represents the Functions and Algebra strand of the math framework.

M:F&A:7:3 The third code indicates a standard for grade 7 to be assessed in the fall of grade 8.

M:F&A:7:3 The fourth code indicates stem 3 -- the 3rd big idea in the Functions and Algebra strand.

NHEON is a collaborative project between the New Hampshire Department of Education and educators all across the state.

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