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Seeking Help and Guidance

NH Title IV-A Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant Program

This section of the toolkit will provide you with the appropriate contact information for any questions or issues you might have.

General Questions About Your Grants

Districts/LEAs should contact Ashley Frame (Ashley.Frame@doe.nh.gov, 603.271.6579) or Stan Freeda (Stanley.Freeda@doe.nh.gov, 603.271.5132) with any questions.

Resources for each category can be found on these pages:

Questions About the Online Grants Management System

For general operational questions about the Online Grants Management System, please reach out to Ashley Frame (Ashley.Frame@doe.nh.gov, 603.271.6579).

For funding or financial questions about the Online Grants Management System, please reach out to Elizabeth Clarke (Elizabeth.Clarke@doe.nh.gov, 603-271-7455).

Well Rounded Educational Opportunities

the Arts and Music - Marcia McCaffrey (Marcia.McCaffrey@doe.nh.gov, 603.271.3193)

Physical Education - Marcia McCaffrey (Marcia.McCaffrey@doe.nh.gov, 603.271.3193)

English Language Arts -

Mathematics -

Social Studies Education - Ashley Frame (Ashley.Frame@doe.nh.gov, 603.271.6579)

World Languages - Ashley Frame (Ashley.Frame@doe.nh.gov, 603.271.6579)

Science, STEM, and Computer Science - Melissa White (Melissa.White@doe.nh.gov, 603.271.3855)

Safe and Healthy Students

Student Wellness - Kelly Untiet (Kelly.Untiet@doe.nh.gov, 603.271.2295)

Effective Use of Technology

Digital Literacy and Online Learning - Stan Freeda (Stanley.Freeda@doe.nh.gov, 603.271.5132)


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Last updated August 1, 2019

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