Project Work - Support

During previous years, each IHE partner engaged in other technology efforts to build capacity, some of which was supported by the project and some of which was already being supported by respective IHEs. Project support for other professional development for higher education faculty continues during year three. These may include in-house support, as well as PD assistance from Apple, SERESC, NHSTE, MarcoPolo, and Intel. Participating IHEs inform other faculty and administration at their institution about PT3 activities and successes, in order to increase the impact and sustainability of their teacher preparation programs.

Some of the professional development opportunities included:

PT3NH Newsletter Showcase: In January 2002, the first issue of this publication was created, with participating partners providing “showcases” of technology integration. These showcases are then available for all IHE faculty to use in their teacher preparation course materials. Each IHE is required to submit at least one “showcase” during the year, and K12 schools are also encouraged to contribute.

McAuliffe Conference:
Participating IHEs identify those faculty members (at least one per institution is required to attend at least one day) attending the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference each December. In support of this effort, one scholarship is provided per institution, through our partnership with the NH School Administrators Association and the NH Affiliate of ISTE. In addition to this scholarship opportunity, the NHSTE organization offers an institutional membership bundle designed to encourage faculty AND students to get involved in the NHSTE professional development opportunities.

At the end of year three, the project sponsored an end of year symposium.

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