NHLI: Exhibits of Practice

During the first two years of the project, some of our partners acquired digital video equipment and began developing their expertise with digital video creation. During year two, teams from both IHE and K12 partners attended basic digital video training sessions facilitated by one of our partner, SERESC.

With the assistance of one of our model school partners (Bow School District), a growing library of digital video clips in both QuickTime and RealPlayer format was first made available for public viewing in the first year of the project. The first video clips were created by Bow School District teachers, and additional video was added from other partner organizations. This effort was expanded during subsequent years into the creation of "Exhibits of Practice" using the Apple Learning Interchange.

Teams from each participating IHE were to choose a methods or other education course syllabi and then identify one or more instructional strategies using technology that could be depicted in digital video (DV) format with accompanying documentation (e.g., lesson plan, student work, assessment rubric, standards, worksheets, teacher created materials, research). IHE faculty partnered with a K12 mentor teacher to model this strategy and assist in the creation of this DV exhibit.

Exhibits are published on the New Hampshire Learning Interchange. Examples of exhibits created by exhibit teams in other states and projects can be seen by visiting the Apple Learning Interchange website.

Exhibit teams attended an Exhibits of Practice Series of trainings (non-consecutive days):

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