Course Re-Design and NETS Alignment

One aspect of the project work is to acquaint higher education faculty with the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers and Students (NETS-T and NETS-S) and the pertinent program standards of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), although not all of our IHE partners seek NCATE program approval. The work of the project supports faculty in their own professional development related to effective technology use. Apple’s Professional Development Division provided consultants to conduct “Integration Sessions” to focus on both technology skills acquisition and on educational practices. This laid the groundwork for faculty to align their core courses with NETS and for teacher preparation programs to ensure their courses include effective technology use. This PT3 project is primarily focused on supporting faculty in this work, and it provides various resources to do so. Each IHE partner is at a somewhat different stage of this work, as suited to their institution.

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