Eportfolios at Southern
New Hampshire University

(Dr. Jane Legacy at Southern New Hampshire University)

At Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) Pre-service teachers are developing Eportfolios (Electronic Portfolios) as part of their 11 week MBE640 Class. Electronic Portfolios are being integrated into the curriculum as a way to demonstrate the student’s competencies in many new ways. So, what is an Electronic Eportfolios? It is a portfolio presented using the computer; which is created and delivered through software programs.

(Student making a video of her Educational Philosophy)

As Dr. Jane Legacy (Chairman MBE and MBA Program) states: “using Eportfolios shows the “proof/evidence” of their knowledge, experiences, and abilities as well as their knowledge in the use of technology in the classroom.” Within the course each students must augment lesson plans for a business education class using the Internet, Word Newsletter, Excel Gradebooks, PowerPoint, Inspiration, MarcoPolo, and they create an Imovie clip of their educational philosophy.

(Student editing his Educational Philosophy using Imovie with QuickTime)

All their assignments must be reflective of student performance objectives and alignment to standards (SCANS, NETS, and NBEA). Each pre service teacher also gives a Portfolio Presentation in week 11 showing all the artifacts mentioned using a web development software tool of their choosing (FrontPage, ClarisWorks, HyperStudio, Lectora, etc). The experience and knowledge acquired and the collaboration with other classmates in the development of their Eportfolio sets the stage for them to use as teachers in the field, but in many cases it is also used as a marketing portfolio when seeking employment. Each student creates their Eportfolio on a CD that is given to instructor at the end of class and to a potential employer during an interview.

Here are a few of SNHU Student E-Porfolios