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School Site Selection Criteria

Questions for Potential Applicants

• The practice the school is using has been validated in the professional literature, promoted by national organizations or university-based research centers, or supported by the experience of respected educators or community members.

"Does our practice or program have a sound research base or has it been given the ‘stamp of approval’ by a professional organization or group of respected educators or community members?"

• The school can show evidence that the practice is having a positive impact on student learning or other valued educational outcomes.

"What evidence do we have that this practice is having a positive impact on student learning or other valued educational outcomes?"

• All students, including those with disabilities, those whose first language is not English, or those who have other at-risk characteristics, benefit from the practice.

"Are all students in our schools able to enroll or benefit from this practice?"

• The school has data on the costs of implementing this practice -- both start-up costs and costs to sustain the practice -- and its implementation would be cost-effective for most New Hampshire schools.

"Have we been using this practice for a sufficient length of time to have data regarding its cost effectiveness over the long run?"


• The school uses a systematic process for professional development related to the practice that goes beyond initial start-up training.

"What processes do we have in place for supporting teachers not only to adopt this practice, but to engage in continuous reflection regarding its impact on student learning?"

• The project is generalizable to other New Hampshire schools.

"When reading about our school, will others say ‘I think that practice would work here’ rather than ‘that school is too different from ours for that practice to work here.’"

• The school is willing and eager to share their experiences with other New Hampshire educators, parents, and community members.

"If we are selected as a Promising Practice school, are we willing to share our experiences with other New Hampshire communities?"

The Promising Practices nomination form in PDF