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Effective induction is a systematic process of training and supporting new educators beginning before the first day of school and continuing throughout the first years of teaching. 

Effective induction combines activities and practices that:

  • ease the transition into teaching;
  • promote the school’s culture;
  • improve educator effectiveness through training in classroom management and effective teaching techniques;
  • increase the retention of highly qualified educators; and
  • promote student achievement.

Successful induction of new educators includes:

  • orientation, preparation, and planning time before school begins;
  • professional development through systematic training and classroom observation over a period of the early years of teaching;
  • support for the new educator from a mentor, colleagues, and administrators;
  • mentoring as a component of induction;
  • opportunities for new educators to observe highly qualified educators’ classrooms.


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Real World Examples

Gorham, ME School District’s New Teacher program

Monroe County, FL School district induction program

Tools and Templates

Sample checklists to assure that new educators have been introduced to everyone they need to know and have all important information:

New Teacher Packet Checklist Template

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