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Educator Attrition

Some educator attrition is inevitable. Educators transfer to other schools, they retire, they leave for personal reasons such as caring for family or children, and a small number are dismissed from jobs. Of concern are the growing number who leave the profession, especially those who leave after only a few years for reasons other than those just mentioned.

  • 2000-2001 NH Dept. of Education data indicated that nearly forty percent of New Hampshire’s educators were 50 years of age or older. (Mackin, 2003)

  • In New Hampshire, since 2002 at least 350 teachers have retired every year. (Smith and Mackin, 2006)
  • Nationally nearly half of all new teachers who enter the field leave it within five years. (Alliance for Excellent Education, 2005)

  • In NH, among the educators who were newly certified in 1999, 19% of them taught for three years or less. (Mackin, 2003)

  • Teacher turnover (those who leave the field and those who change jobs) is 15.7%, 4.7% higher than non-teaching occupations (11%). (Emerick, 2006)

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