Making the Most of the Hiring Process

Creating an Information Rich Hiring Process

Selecting for Fit



Selecting for Fit

Hiring for fit requires finding a candidate with the needed skills and competencies and the attitude and values that fit with your school's culture.

Screening Candidates, a guide from Recruit Illinois.

The National Network for the Study of Educator Dispositions web site provides links (down the right side) to papers on assessing attitude and disposition.

There are several instruments on the market such as the Gallup Organization's TeacherInsight™ web-based tool that help assess teacher characteristics.

M. Mark Wasicsko, The 20-Minute Hiring Assessment:  How to ensure you’re hiring the best by gauging educator dispositions, School Administrator, October 2004.

Paul B. Ash, Everything I Need to Know of a Candidate in 15 Minutes: The Fifteen Minute Superintendent Interview, School Administrator, January 2001

Landing the "Highly Qualified Teacher" Harvard Education Letter, January/February 2004. How administrators can hire-and keep-the best.

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