Making the Most of the Hiring Process

Creating an Information Rich Hiring Process

Selecting for Fit



Creating an Information Rich Hiring Process

What we know from the research:

  • New teachers who report that the hiring process gave them a comprehensive and accurate preview of their jobs also report being more satisfied with their jobs than those who say that they did not experience such a hiring process. (Liu, 2005)
  • Recent research has also suggested a relationship between the characteristics of the hiring process itself and teachers’ perception of a job’s desirability. Researchers found that scores on a hiring process scale (which measured such process attributes as ease of application, length of the process, and timeliness of screening) were the most powerful predictor of attraction to a teaching job in that district. (Liu, 2005)

Promising Strategies for Creating an Information Rich Hiring Process

  • Develop a screening and interview process that provides multiple avenues for mutual learning between the hiring team and the candidate. The hiring process may include:
    • Interviews
    • Classroom observations
    • Other faculty-life observations
    • Sample lessons
    • Providing school and community information
  • Develop a standard hiring process

Screening and Hiring Planning Checklist

List of interview questions

List of questions candidates may ask you

NH Department of Employment Security's list of illegal questions (Scroll down to chart)

Scott M. Koenigsknecht, Impressions Count, School Planning & Management, November 2005. According to a recent study, potential teachers are influenced by their impressions of the educational facilities in which they will be working during the interview process.

Scott M. Koenigsknecht, Stacking the Deck During Interviews, School Administrator,  June 2006.




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