Overview of Assessment

Assess Recruitment & Retention

Gather Data

Build a Recruitment Team

Develop a Recruitment & Retention Plan

Measure Effectiveness of Recruitment & Retention Efforts




Measure Effectiveness of Recruitment & Retention Efforts

Measuring the effectiveness of your efforts to attract, hire and retain educators will help to determine which of your efforts have yielded results. Ideally your assessment and planning process will lead to clearly defined, measurable goals and you will have a head start on your evaluation plan.

The University of Wisconsin Extension Service Logic Model tutorial offers an overview of logic models for planning or evaluating a project.

Innovation Network provides a list of resources for evaluation.

Innovation Network's Logic Model Builder is an interactive step-by-step on-line guide for articulating and connecting organizational or program goals, resources, activities, outputs, and outcomes. This powerful tool also allows collaborative on-line interaction among team members. The Evaluation Plan Builder transfers key data from the Logic Model Builder and moves from goal-setting to identification of evaluation questions, indicators, and data collection strategies for evaluating program outcomes and implementation. You must register to use these free tools.

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