Overview of Assessment

Assess Recruitment & Retention

Gather Data

Build a Recruitment Team

Develop a Recruitment & Retention Plan

Measure Effectiveness of Recruitment & Retention Efforts




Gather Data: To Help Understand Recruitment and Retention Needs

Although you may have a sense of what some of the recuritment and retention issues are, data will help to verify and sharpen your undertsanding of your district's needs and priorities for recruitment and retention. Data will provide a sound base from which to plan and will provide a baseline to measure your efforts.

Promising Strategies

  • Use existing data to help identify and predict what your personnel needs will be over the next five years.

  • Use data from other states and national sources to learn about factors that affect educator recruitment and retention.

  • Consider using exit interviews and educator job satisfaction surveys to track educator recruitment and retention issues in your school.

NH data sources:

The NH Department of Education collects and reports on education data including school/SAU information, staffing and salary data, enrollment data and more.

NH Office of Energy and Planning maintains a data library with links to NH Census data, population projections, housing and household data, ethnic data and community profiles.

Resources for Data on Recruitment and Retention:

The Center for Teaching Quality (CTQ) is working with school districts to assess, understand and improve teacher working conditions. Teachers are asked questions about time, facilities and resources, empowerment, leadership and professional development -- all shown to have an impact on whether teachers stay in schools and, most importantly, whether students learn.

The MetLife Survey of the American Teacher, conducted by Harris Interactive each year since 1984, explores teachers' opinions and attitudes, including factors that affect their job satisfaction.

Resources on collecting data:

Education for the Future's Data Analysis for School Improvement is a guide for collecting, analyzing, and presenting data.

Innovation Network provides a list of resources on data collection, including survey and questionnaire development, interviews, and focus groups.

An example of how a region in California used existing data to understand
educator workforce issues in their area

Exit Interview Example from Timberlane Regional School District in New Hampshire.

Results from a School Satisfaction survey of staff in Portland, Oregon Schools

Results and recommendations from a teacher satisfaction survey of Warren Township Schools, IL

Sample Exit Interview Questions

On-line survey providers, like Survey Monkey or Zoomerang, provide low cost or free on-line surveys that make it easy to create and launch surveys.

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