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Facilitator Training

NH e-Learning for Educators offers a course in online facilitation. While the course is designed for potential OPEN NH instructors, you can sign up for the course and learn the basic principles of online faciltiation. After taking this coursed, you may request to become on OPEN NH online course faciltiator.

TE-01 Facilitating an OPEN NH Online Professional Development Course

This course is designed for educators with some online course experience who have a strong desire to facilitate online professional development courses with OPEN NH. Already trained OPEN NH facilitators as well as those with strong desire or other online experiences will update and enhance your skills and knowledge about how to effectively facilitate an online professional development course specifically for the OPEN NH program. This course will cover requirements necessary to facilitate, complete and submit paperwork pertinent to the facilitator and course participants. In addition to these topics, the course will also provide a refresher "how to" in the Moodle course delivery system, as well as look at some Web 2;0 tools that are useful for 21st Century course facilitators.

View the course syllabus.


Facilitating Online Courses for OPEN NH

Here are some reasons to consider becoming a facilitator with OPEN NH:

  • You'll become part of a NH network, providing quality online professional development to NH teachers.
  • You'll learn facilitation techniques that will enhance your own teaching experiences.
  • You'll earn a stipend up to $1,500 for each course taught (based on enrollment of over 16 learners, actual stipend depends on enrollment numbers).
  • There is graduate credit available for completing the facilitator course.

Basic requirements for Instructor Training:

  • You have previous experience in online education, preferably through OPEN NH courses.
  • You have a Masters degree.
  • You have expertise in a specific educational content area.
  • You are interested in being part of an ongoing learning community that provides high quality online professional development to New Hampshire educators.
  • You are experienced and comfortable with using technology.
  • You believe in online education and the mission of NH e-Learning for Educators.




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