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VI. POLICY & PROCEDURE:   A. Children's Internet Protection Act      B. Copyright & Fair Use     C. Acceptable Use Policy Kit

Acceptable Use Policy Kit

1. Why create an AUP
2. What to include in an AUP
3. Use of Facilities
4. Responsible Personnel

5. Network Access
6. Disciplinary Actions
7. Limitation of Liability
8. Bibliography

Responsible Personnel

Identify the role of district personnel in the administration of the district system as well as for the execution of the Acceptable Use Policy.

SAMPLE WORDING: The School District Technology Coordinator is responsible for administration and monitoring of the XYZNet. Any decisions involving significant changes to the system will be made together with the Superintendent. The School District Technology Coordinator is responsible for the oversight and management of the XYZ district web site. School Building Technology Coordinators are responsible for the oversight and management of school building web pages. Material on all web pages sponsored by the district must be updated on a monthly basis. All users with access to the XYZNet must sign a User Agreement acknowledging the receipt of this AUP. All executed user agreements will be maintained in individual school building administrative offices. Disciplinary issues will be dealt with by the appropriate district personnel. 

Maintaining records of executed user agreements: A User Agreement may be a simple signature at the bottom of the AUP acknowledging receiving the information contained in the AUP by the appropriate student/guardian/employee. Although the signature of minor students is not considered legally binding, obtaining their signature along with that of the legal guardian is a responsible step. Employees of the school district are bound by district policies. Having them sign a user agreement reinforces that they have been made aware of this policy.

Network administration and monitoring: There should be one person appointed by the district who is responsible for the overall administration for the Internet and other networks within the district. This would include such tasks as establishing quotas for disk usage, setting up individual and class accounts and virus protection system. Significant changes would include any new populations obtaining access to the system, different network administration software, network wide administration privileges, or other changes which may effect the overall functioning of the system.

Web site: Although the responsibility for web pages may be given to technology coordinators, teachers and students may be allowed access to class web pages as appropriate. Make certain anyone with access to posting information on the district web site has been made aware of the district AUP.


Last update: 10/9/04