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VI. POLICY & PROCEDURE:   A. Children's Internet Protection Act      B. Copyright & Fair Use     C. Acceptable Use Policy Kit

Acceptable Use Policy Kit

1. Why create an AUP
2. What to include in an AUP
3. Use of Facilities
4. Responsible Personnel

5. Network Access
6. Disciplinary Actions
7. Limitation of Liability
8. Bibliography

What to include in an AUP

The areas of technology use and populations covered by an AUP should be considered throughout the development of a school district AUP.

An AUP might cover the following areas of technology use:

Facilities, District Web Site(s), E-Mail, and Internet Use.

An AUP might address the following populations:

District Level Administrators, School Building Administrators, Teachers, Other School Staff, Students, Parents, Other Community Members.

The first textbox within each section of this AUP Kit is a field with suggested wording to include in your district AUP. Feel free to adjust the wording to fit the specific needs of your school district. The second textbox includes any pertinent discussion and citations of case law and legislation relevant to that section.




Last update: 10/9/04