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This list indicates submission of the 2005-06 Annual School Tech Survey.

Names in blue did not submit completed surveys.
Names in orange indicate two schools in one building.

Survey Submitted Sch Id DISTRICT: School Name
Yes 22580 ALLENSTOWN: Allenstown Elementary School
Yes 22575 ALLENSTOWN: Armand R. Dupont School
Yes 22480 ALTON: Alton Central School (Elem)
Yes 21745 AMHERST: Amherst Middle School
Yes 21740 AMHERST: Clark School
Yes 21750 AMHERST: Harold H. Wilkins School
Yes 22130 ANDOVER: Andover Elementary School
Yes 20010 ASHLAND: Ashland Elementary School
Yes 20530 AUBURN: Auburn Village School
Yes 22485 BARNSTEAD: Barnstead Elementary School
Yes 22045 BARRINGTON: Barrington Elementary School
Yes 22030 BARRINGTON: Barrington Middle School
Yes 20325 BARTLETT: Josiah Bartlett Elementary School
Yes 20860 BATH: Bath Village School
Yes 21005 BEDFORD: McKelvie Middle School
Yes 20990 BEDFORD: Memorial School
Yes 21000 BEDFORD: Peter Woodbury School
Yes 27680 BEDFORD: Riddle Brook School
No 20060 BERLIN: Bartlett Elementary School
Yes 20045 BERLIN: Berlin Junior High School
Yes 20050 BERLIN: Berlin Senior High School
No 20055 BERLIN: Brown Elementary School
No 27035 BERLIN: Hillside Elementary School
No 20070 BERLIN: Marston Elementary School
Yes 21400 BETHLEHEM: Bethlehem Elementary School
Yes 20680 BOW: Bow Elementary School
Yes 27375 BOW: Bow High School
Yes 20675 BOW: Bow Memorial School
Yes 20555 BRENTWOOD: Swasey Central School 
Yes 27765 BROOKLINE: Captain Samuel Douglas Academy
No 21800 BROOKLINE: Richard Maghakian Memorial School
Yes 22335 CAMPTON: Campton Elementary School
Yes 20535 CANDIA: Henry W. Moore School
Yes 20500 CHESTER: Chester Academy
Yes 21140 CHESTERFIELD: Chesterfield Central School
Yes 22590 CHICHESTER: Chichester Central School
Yes 20145 CLAREMONT: Bluff School
Yes 20115 CLAREMONT: Claremont Middle School
Yes 20165 CLAREMONT: Disnard Elementary School
Yes 20160 CLAREMONT: Maple Avenue School
Yes 20140 CLAREMONT: Stevens High School
Yes 22025 COE-BROWN ACADEMY: Coe Brown - Northwood Academy
Yes 20185 COLEBROOK: Colebrook Academy
Yes 20195 COLEBROOK: Colebrook Elementary School
Yes 26490 CONCORD: Beaver Meadow School
Yes 20260 CONCORD: Broken Ground School
Yes 20240 CONCORD: Conant Elementary School
Yes 20285 CONCORD: Concord Senior High School
Yes 20250 CONCORD: Dame School
Yes 20315 CONCORD: Eastman School
Yes 20305 CONCORD: Kimball School
Yes 20255 CONCORD: Rumford School
Yes 20270 CONCORD: Rundlett Middle School
Yes 20275 CONCORD: Walker School
Yes 22215 CONTOOCOOK VALLEY: Antrim Elementary School
Yes 22290 CONTOOCOOK VALLEY: Conval Regional High School
Yes 22230 CONTOOCOOK VALLEY: Dublin Consolidated School
Yes 22245 CONTOOCOOK VALLEY: Francestown Elementary School
Yes 22210 CONTOOCOOK VALLEY: Great Brook School
Yes 22250 CONTOOCOOK VALLEY: Greenfield Elementary School
Yes 22260 CONTOOCOOK VALLEY: Hancock Elementary School
Yes 22310 CONTOOCOOK VALLEY: Peterborough Elementary School
Yes 22225 CONTOOCOOK VALLEY: Pierce Elementary School
Yes 22295 CONTOOCOOK VALLEY: South Meadow School
Yes 22330 CONTOOCOOK VALLEY: Temple Elementary School
No 27010 CONWAY: A. Crosby Kennett Middle School
No 20340 CONWAY: Conway Elementary School
No 20335 CONWAY: John H. Fuller School
No 20345 CONWAY: Kennett High School
No 20330 CONWAY: Pine Tree Elementary School
Yes 20175 CORNISH: Cornish Elementary School
No 21960 CROYDON: Croydon Village School
Yes 22595 DEERFIELD: Deerfield Community School
Yes 28500 DERRY COOPERATIVE: Derry Village School
Yes 20380 DERRY COOPERATIVE: East Derry Memorial Elementary School
Yes 20370 DERRY COOPERATIVE: Ernest P. Barka Elementary School
Yes 28465 DERRY COOPERATIVE: Gilbert H. Hood Middle School
Yes 20420 DERRY COOPERATIVE: Grinnell School
Yes 20390 DERRY COOPERATIVE: South Range Elementary School
Yes 20405 DERRY COOPERATIVE: West Running Brook Middle School
No 27065 DERRY: Derry Early Education Program
Yes 20435 DOVER: Dover Middle School
Yes 20455 DOVER: Dover Senior High School
Yes 20430 DOVER: Garrison School
Yes 20445 DOVER: Horne Street School
Yes 20460 DOVER: Woodman Park School
No 20825 DRESDEN: Frances C. Richmond School
No 20820 DRESDEN: Hanover High School
No 20685 DUNBARTON: Dunbarton Elementary School
Yes 20565 EAST KINGSTON: East Kingston Elementary School
No 26510 EPPING: Epping Elementary School
Yes 20515 EPPING: Epping Middle High School (High)
Yes 26505 EPPING: Epping Middle School
Yes 22600 EPSOM: Epsom Central School
No 20735 ERROL: Errol Consolidated Elementary School
Yes 20595 EXETER REGION COOPERATIVE: Cooperative Middle School
Yes 20575 EXETER REGION COOPERATIVE: Exeter High School
No 27200 EXETER REGIONAL: Great Bay eLearning Charter School
Yes 20590 EXETER: Lincoln Street Elementary School
Yes 20600 EXETER: Main Street School
No 28445 EXETER: Main Street School-Pre School Program
Yes 22960 FALL MOUNTAIN REGIONAL: Acworth Elementary School
Yes 22965 FALL MOUNTAIN REGIONAL: Alstead Primary School
Yes 22975 FALL MOUNTAIN REGIONAL: Charlestown Middle School
Yes 22985 FALL MOUNTAIN REGIONAL: Charlestown Primary School
No 22990 FALL MOUNTAIN REGIONAL: Fall Mountain Regional High School
No 27395 FALL MOUNTAIN REGIONAL: Fall Mountain Regional HS-Pre School Program
Yes 22980 FALL MOUNTAIN REGIONAL: N. Charlestown Community School
Yes 23005 FALL MOUNTAIN REGIONAL: North Walpole Elementary
Yes 22995 FALL MOUNTAIN REGIONAL: Sarah Porter School
Yes 22970 FALL MOUNTAIN REGIONAL: Vilas Elementary School
Yes 23015 FALL MOUNTAIN REGIONAL: Walpole Middle School
Yes 23010 FALL MOUNTAIN REGIONAL: Walpole Primary School
Yes 22050 FARMINGTON: Farmington Senior High School
No 22055 FARMINGTON: Henry Wilson Memorial School
No 27980 FARMINGTON: Valley View Community Elementary School
Yes 20640 FRANKLIN: Bessie C. Rowell School
No 26795 FRANKLIN: Franklin - Pre School Program
Yes 20660 FRANKLIN: Franklin High School
Yes 26755 FRANKLIN: Franklin Middle School
Yes 20650 FRANKLIN: Paul A. Smith School
Yes 20350 FREEDOM: Freedom Elementary School
Yes 20525 FREMONT: Ellis School
Yes 21245 GILFORD: Gilford Elementary School
Yes 21240 GILFORD: Gilford High School
Yes 26995 GILFORD: Gilford Middle School
Yes 21250 GILMANTON: Gilmanton Elementary School
No 20695 GOFFSTOWN: Bartlett Elementary School
Yes 20700 GOFFSTOWN: Goffstown High School
No 20690 GOFFSTOWN: Maple Avenue School
No 26820 GOFFSTOWN: Mountain View Middle School
No 28460 GOFFSTOWN: New Heights Charter School
No 20745 GORHAM: Edward Fenn School
No 20750 GORHAM: Gorham High School
No 27005 GORHAM: Gorham Middle School
No 21965 GOSHEN-LEMPSTER: Goshen-Lempster Cooperative School
Yes 22430 GOVERNOR WENTWORTH REGIONAL: Carpenter Elementary School
Yes 27515 GOVERNOR WENTWORTH REGIONAL: Crescent Lake School
Yes 22395 GOVERNOR WENTWORTH REGIONAL: Effingham Elementary School
Yes 22425 GOVERNOR WENTWORTH REGIONAL: Kingswood Regional High School
Yes 22440 GOVERNOR WENTWORTH REGIONAL: Kingswood Regional Middle School
Yes 22400 GOVERNOR WENTWORTH REGIONAL: New Durham Elementary School
Yes 22405 GOVERNOR WENTWORTH REGIONAL: Ossipee Central School
Yes 22410 GOVERNOR WENTWORTH REGIONAL: Tuftonboro Central School
Yes 21330 GRANTHAM: Grantham Village School
Yes 22450 GREENLAND: Greenland Central School
Yes 22755 HAMPSTEAD: Hampstead Central School
Yes 22750 HAMPSTEAD: Hampstead Middle School
No 27645 HAMPSTEAD: Hampstead Pre School
Yes 20795 HAMPTON FALLS: Lincoln Akerman School
Yes 20790 HAMPTON: Adeline C. Marston School
Yes 20770 HAMPTON: Hampton Academy 
Yes 20800 HAMPTON: Hampton Centre School
No 20830 HANOVER: Bernice A. Ray School
Yes 21155 HARRISVILLE: Wells Memorial School
Yes 26875 HAVERHILL COOPERATIVE: Haverhill Cooperative Middle School
Yes 20905 HAVERHILL COOPERATIVE: Woodsville Elementary School
Yes 20910 HAVERHILL COOPERATIVE: Woodsville High School
Yes 20935 HENNIKER: Henniker Community School
Yes 20670 HILL: Jennie D. Blake School
Yes 20955 HILLSBORO-DEERING COOPERATIVE: Hillsboro-Deering Elementary School
Yes 20950 HILLSBORO-DEERING COOPERATIVE: Hillsboro-Deering High School
Yes 20960 HILLSBORO-DEERING COOPERATIVE: Hillsboro-Deering Middle School
Yes 21680 HINSDALE: Hinsdale Elementary School
Yes 26985 HINSDALE: Hinsdale Jr. High School
Yes 21675 HINSDALE: Hinsdale Sr. High School
No 22345 HOLDERNESS: Holderness Central School
Yes 21815 HOLLIS: Hollis Primary School
Yes 27530 HOLLIS: Hollis Upper Elementary School
No 21805 HOLLIS-BROOKLINE: Hollis Brookline Middle School
No 21810 HOLLIS-BROOKLINE: Hollis-Brookline High School
Yes 28050 HOOKSETT: David R. Cawley Middle School
Yes 20550 HOOKSETT: Fred C. Underhill School
Yes 20540 HOOKSETT: Hooksett Memorial School
Yes 20975 HOPKINTON: Harold Martin School
Yes 20970 HOPKINTON: Hopkinton High School
Yes 27000 HOPKINTON: Hopkinton Middle School
Yes 20965 HOPKINTON: Maple Street Elementary School
Yes 21050 HUDSON: Alvirne High School
Yes 21045 HUDSON: Dr. H. O. Smith School
Yes 27900 HUDSON: Hills Garrison Elementary School
Yes 21060 HUDSON: Hudson Memorial School
Yes 21075 HUDSON: Library Street School
Yes 26765 HUDSON: Nottingham West Elementary School
Yes 20025 INTER-LAKES COOPERATIVE: Inter-Lakes Elementary School
Yes 20035 INTER-LAKES COOPERATIVE: Inter-Lakes High School
Yes 26575 INTER-LAKES COOPERATIVE: Inter-Lakes High School (Elem)
Yes 20040 INTER-LAKES COOPERATIVE: Sandwich Central School
Yes 20355 JACKSON: Jackson Grammar School
Yes 22265 JAFFREY-RINDGE COOPERATIVE: Conant High School
Yes 22275 JAFFREY-RINDGE COOPERATIVE: Jaffrey Grade School
Yes 22280 JAFFREY-RINDGE COOPERATIVE: Jaffrey-Rindge Middle School
Yes 22320 JAFFREY-RINDGE COOPERATIVE: Rindge Memorial School
Yes 26380 JOHN STARK REGIONAL: John Stark Regional High School
Yes 21980 KEARSARGE REGIONAL: Kearsarge Elementary School
Yes 26530 KEARSARGE REGIONAL: Kearsarge Reg. Elementary School - Bradford
Yes 22015 KEARSARGE REGIONAL: Kearsarge Regional High School
Yes 26535 KEARSARGE REGIONAL: Kearsarge Regional Middle School
Yes 22020 KEARSARGE REGIONAL: Simonds Elementary School
Yes 22010 KEARSARGE REGIONAL: Sutton Central Elementary School
Yes 21190 KEENE: Franklin Elementary School
Yes 21165 KEENE: Fuller Elementary School
Yes 21160 KEENE: Jonathan M. Daniels School
Yes 21195 KEENE: Keene High School
Yes 21185 KEENE: Keene Middle School
Yes 21170 KEENE: Symonds Elementary School
Yes 21200 KEENE: Wheelock Elementary School
Yes 20605 KENSINGTON: Kensington Elementary School
Yes 21290 LACONIA: Elm Street School
Yes 21255 LACONIA: Laconia High School
Yes 21275 LACONIA: Memorial Middle School
Yes 21260 LACONIA: Pleasant Street School
Yes 21285 LACONIA: Woodland Heights Elementary School
Yes 21405 LAFAYETTE REGIONAL: Lafayette Regional School
No 21410 LANDAFF: Landaff Blue School
Yes 21335 LEBANON: Hanover Street School
Yes 21360 LEBANON: Lebanon High School
Yes 21370 LEBANON: Lebanon Junior High School
Yes 21355 LEBANON: Mt. Lebanon School
Yes 26590 LEBANON: Sacred Heart Public School
Yes 21340 LEBANON: School Street School
Yes 21365 LEBANON: Seminary Hill School
No 20880 LINCOLN-WOODSTOCK: Lin-Wood Public School (Elem)
No 23110 LINCOLN-WOODSTOCK: Lin-Wood Public School (High)
No 23105 LINCOLN-WOODSTOCK: Lin-Wood Public School (Middle)
Yes 21420 LISBON REGIONAL: Lisbon Regional School (Elem)
Yes 23100 LISBON REGIONAL: Lisbon Regional School (High)
Yes 23095 LISBON REGIONAL: Lisbon Regional School (Middle)
Yes 27715 LITCHFIELD: Campbell High School
No 21095 LITCHFIELD: Griffin Memorial School
No 26640 LITCHFIELD: Litchfield Middle School
Yes 21440 LITTLETON: Daisy Bronson Junior High School
Yes 21445 LITTLETON: Littleton High School
Yes 21450 LITTLETON: Mildred C. Lakeway School
Yes 20480 LONDONDERRY: Londonderry Middle School
Yes 20490 LONDONDERRY: Londonderry Senior High School
Yes 20485 LONDONDERRY: Matthew Thornton Elementary School
Yes 27905 LONDONDERRY: Moose Hill School
Yes 20470 LONDONDERRY: North Londonderry Elementary School
Yes 20475 LONDONDERRY: South Londonderry Elementary School
Yes 20835 LYME: Lyme Elementary School
Yes 23035 LYNDEBOROUGH: Lyndeborough Central School
Yes 20360 MADISON: Madison Elementary School
Yes 21545 MANCHESTER: Bakersville School
Yes 21600 MANCHESTER: Beech Street School
Yes 21530 MANCHESTER: Gossler Park School
Yes 21610 MANCHESTER: Green Acres School
Yes 21625 MANCHESTER: Hallsville School
Yes 27595 MANCHESTER: Henry J. McLaughlin Middle School
Yes 21560 MANCHESTER: Highland-Goffs Falls School
Yes 21520 MANCHESTER: Hillside Middle School
Yes 21590 MANCHESTER: Jewett School
Yes 21510 MANCHESTER: Manchester Central High School
Yes 21555 MANCHESTER: Manchester Memorial High School
Yes 21565 MANCHESTER: Manchester West High School
Yes 21525 MANCHESTER: McDonough School
Yes 26435 MANCHESTER: Middle School At Parkside
Yes 21540 MANCHESTER: Northwest Elementary School
Yes 27775 MANCHESTER: Parker-Varney School
Yes 27775 MANCHESTER: Selma Deitch Early Learning Program
Yes 21575 MANCHESTER: Smyth Road School
Yes 21635 MANCHESTER: Southside Middle School
Yes 21515 MANCHESTER: Webster School
Yes 21640 MANCHESTER: Weston School
Yes 21210 MANCHESTER: Wilson School
Yes 23000 MARLBOROUGH: Marlborough Elementary School
Yes 23045 MARLOW: John Perkins Elementary School
Yes 26685 MASCENIC REGIONAL: Appleton Elementary School
Yes 23030 MASCENIC REGIONAL: Boynton Middle School
Yes 23050 MASCENIC REGIONAL: Greenville Elementary School
Yes 23040 MASCENIC REGIONAL: Mascenic Regional High School
Yes 23055 MASCENIC REGIONAL: Mason Elementary School
Yes 21315 MASCENIC REGIONAL: New Ipswich Central School
Yes 21325 MASCOMA VALLEY REGIONAL: Canaan Elementary School
No 26405 MASCOMA VALLEY REGIONAL: Enfield Elementary School
Yes 21305 MASCOMA VALLEY REGIONAL: Indian River School
Yes 21020 MASCOMA VALLEY REGIONAL: Mascoma Valley Regional High School
Yes 21025 MERRIMACK VALLEY: Boscawen Elementary School
Yes 21040 MERRIMACK VALLEY: Loudon Elementary School
Yes 28375 MERRIMACK VALLEY: Merrimack Valley High School
Yes 21015 MERRIMACK VALLEY: Merrimack Valley Middle School
Yes 21035 MERRIMACK VALLEY: Penacook Elementary School
Yes 22155 MERRIMACK VALLEY: Salisbury Elementary School
Yes 22180 MERRIMACK VALLEY: Webster Elementary School
Yes 22195 MERRIMACK: James Mastricola Elementary School
Yes 26585 MERRIMACK: James Mastricola Upper Elementary School
Yes 22185 MERRIMACK: Merrimack High School
Yes 22200 MERRIMACK: Merrimack Middle School
Yes 22205 MERRIMACK: Reeds Ferry School
Yes 20760 MERRIMACK: Thorntons Ferry School
No 27895 MILAN: Milan Village Elementary School
Yes 26580 MILFORD: Milford Elementary - Heron Pond 
Yes 21765 MILFORD: Milford Elementary School- Jacques Memorial
Yes 21760 MILFORD: Milford High School
Yes 22075 MILFORD: Milford Middle School
No 22070 MILTON: Milton Elementary School
No 26540 MILTON: Nute High School
No 21715 MILTON: Nute Junior High School
Yes 21665 MONADNOCK REGIONAL: Cutler School
Yes 21670 MONADNOCK REGIONAL: Dr. George S. Emerson Elementary School
Yes 28495 MONADNOCK REGIONAL: Gilsum Elementary School
No 21700 MONADNOCK REGIONAL: Gilsum Kindergarten
Yes 26980 MONADNOCK REGIONAL: Monadnock Regional High School
Yes 21695 MONADNOCK REGIONAL: Monadnock Regional Middle School
Yes 21685 MONADNOCK REGIONAL: Mount Caesar School
Yes 21725 MONADNOCK REGIONAL: Sullivan Central School
Yes 20885 MONADNOCK REGIONAL: Troy Elementary School
No 21790 MONROE: Monroe Consolidated School
Yes 22120 MONT VERNON: Mont Vernon Village School
Yes 26960 MOULTONBOROUGH: Moultonborough Academy
Yes 22115 MOULTONBOROUGH: Moultonborough Academy (Junior High)
Yes 27965 MOULTONBOROUGH: Moultonborough Central School
Yes 28435 NASHUA: Academy of Learning And Technology
Yes 21940 NASHUA: Amherst Street School
Yes 21865 NASHUA: Bicentennial Elementary School
No 21895 NASHUA: Birch Hill Elementary School
Yes 21925 NASHUA: Broad Street Elementary School
Yes 21930 NASHUA: Charlotte Ave Elementary School
Yes 21835 NASHUA: Dr. Norman W. Crisp School
Yes 21890 NASHUA: Elm Street Middle School
Yes 21840 NASHUA: Fairgrounds Elementary School
Yes 21875 NASHUA: Fairgrounds Middle School
Yes 21915 NASHUA: Ledge Street School
Yes 21935 NASHUA: Main Dunstable School
Yes 21885 NASHUA: Mt. Pleasant School
Yes 27960 NASHUA: Nashua High School North
Yes 21860 NASHUA: Nashua High School South
Yes 21845 NASHUA: New Searles School
Yes 21825 NASHUA: Pennichuck Middle School
Yes 21850 NASHUA: Sunset Heights School
Yes 21215 NELSON: Nelson Elementary School
Yes 20715 NEW BOSTON: New Boston Central School
Yes 22455 NEW CASTLE: Maude H. Trefethen School
Yes 20610 NEWFIELDS: Newfields Elementary School
Yes 20080 NEWFOUND AREA : Alexandria Village School
Yes 27685 NEWFOUND AREA : Bridgewater-Hebron Village School
Yes 20090 NEWFOUND AREA : Bristol Elementary School
Yes 20095 NEWFOUND AREA : Danbury Elementary School
Yes 20105 NEWFOUND AREA : New Hampton Community School
Yes 26680 NEWFOUND AREA : Newfound Memorial Middle School
Yes 20085 NEWFOUND AREA : Newfound Regional High School
Yes 22465 NEWINGTON: Newington Public School
Yes 21300 NEWMARKET: Newmarket Elementary School
Yes 26560 NEWMARKET: Newmarket Jr.-Sr. High (Elem)
Yes 23115 NEWMARKET: Newmarket Jr.-Sr. High School
Yes 21985 NEWPORT: Newport Middle High School (High)
Yes 26970 NEWPORT: Newport Middle School
Yes 21995 NEWPORT: Richards Elementary School
Yes 21990 NEWPORT: Towle Elementary School
No 20805 NORTH HAMPTON: North Hampton Elementary School
Yes 22905 NORTHUMBERLAND: Groveton Elementary School
Yes 22900 NORTHUMBERLAND: Groveton High School
Yes 26600 NORTHUMBERLAND: Groveton High School (Elem)
Yes 22085 NORTHWOOD: Northwood Elementary School
Yes 22095 NOTTINGHAM: Nottingham Elementary School
Yes 22805 OYSTER RIVER COOP: Mast Way School
Yes 26660 OYSTER RIVER COOP: Moharimet School
Yes 22800 OYSTER RIVER COOP: Oyster River High School
Yes 22790 OYSTER RIVER COOP: Oyster River Middle School
No 27970 PELHAM: Pelham Elementary School
No 21105 PELHAM: Pelham High School
No 21110 PELHAM: Pelham Memorial School
No 22620 PEMBROKE: Pembroke Academy
Yes 22615 PEMBROKE: Pembroke Hill School
Yes 22625 PEMBROKE: Pembroke Village School
Yes 26925 PEMBROKE: Three Rivers School
No 22350 PEMI-BAKER REGIONAL: Plymouth Regional High School
Yes 20895 PIERMONT: Piermont Village School
Yes 20205 PITTSBURG: Pittsburg School (Elem)
Yes 26500 PITTSBURG: Pittsburg School (High)
Yes 26595 PITTSFIELD: Pittsfield Elementary School
No 22500 PITTSFIELD: Pittsfield High School
No 26550 PITTSFIELD: Pittsfield Middle School
Yes 21375 PLAINFIELD: Plainfield Elementary School
Yes 22355 PLYMOUTH: Plymouth Elementary School
Yes 22515 PORTSMOUTH: Little Harbour School
Yes 22545 PORTSMOUTH: Mary C. Dondero Elementary School
Yes 22525 PORTSMOUTH: New Franklin School
No 22560 PORTSMOUTH: PEEP School - Pre School Program
Yes 22565 PORTSMOUTH: Portsmouth High School
Yes 22510 PORTSMOUTH: Portsmouth Middle School
No 26990 PROFILE: Profile Junior High School
No 21395 PROFILE: Profile Senior High School
Yes 28215 PROSPECT MOUNTAIN: Prospect Mountain High School
Yes 26525 RAYMOND: Iber Holmes Gove Middle School
Yes 21385 RAYMOND: Lamprey River Elementary School
Yes 21390 RAYMOND: Raymond High School
Yes 22695 ROCHESTER: Chamberlain Street School
Yes 22660 ROCHESTER: East Rochester Annex
Yes 22650 ROCHESTER: East Rochester School
Yes 22725 ROCHESTER: Gonic School
Yes 22715 ROCHESTER: Maple Street School
Yes 22665 ROCHESTER: McClelland School
Yes 22705 ROCHESTER: Rochester Middle School
Yes 22720 ROCHESTER: School Street School
Yes 22700 ROCHESTER: Spaulding High School
Yes 22690 ROCHESTER: William Allen School
Yes 22810 ROLLINSFORD: Rollinsford Grade School
No 22375 RUMNEY: Russell Elementary School
Yes 22475 RYE: Rye Elementary School
Yes 22470 RYE: Rye Junior High School
No 22895 SALEM: Dr. L. F. Soule School
Yes 22875 SALEM: Mary A. Fisk Elementary School
No 22890 SALEM: North Salem Elementary School
Yes 22880 SALEM: Salem High School
No 26555 SALEM: Walter F. Haigh School
Yes 22860 SALEM: William E. Lancaster School
Yes 22865 SALEM: William T. Barron Elementary School
Yes 22850 SALEM: Woodbury School
Yes 20625 SANBORN REGIONAL: Daniel J. Bakie School
Yes 20635 SANBORN REGIONAL: Memorial School
Yes 20620 SANBORN REGIONAL: Sanborn Regional High School
Yes 20630 SANBORN REGIONAL: Sanborn Regional Middle School
Yes 20810 SEABROOK: Seabrook Elementary School
Yes 27995 SEABROOK: Seabrook Middle School
Yes 22135 SHAKER REGIONAL: Belmont Elementary School
Yes 22145 SHAKER REGIONAL: Belmont High School
Yes 22150 SHAKER REGIONAL: Belmont Middle School
Yes 22165 SHAKER REGIONAL: Canterbury Elementary School
Yes 22815 SOMERSWORTH: Hilltop School
No 22820 SOMERSWORTH: Maple Wood Elementary School
Yes 22845 SOMERSWORTH: Somersworth High School
Yes 22830 SOMERSWORTH: Somersworth Middle School
Yes 26860 SOUHEGAN COOPERATIVE: Souhegan Coop High School
Yes 20815 SOUTH HAMPTON: South Hampton Barnard School
Yes 22910 STARK: Stark Village School
Yes 27560 STEWARTSTOWN: Stewartstown Community School
Yes 20980 STODDARD: James Faulkner Elementary School
Yes 22100 STRAFFORD: Strafford School
Yes 22915 STRATFORD: Stratford Public School (Elem)
Yes 26645 STRATFORD: Stratford Public School (High)
Yes 20615 STRATHAM: Stratham Memorial School
Yes 22005 SUNAPEE: Sunapee Central School
Yes 26965 SUNAPEE: Sunapee Middle High School 
Yes 22000 SUNAPEE: Sunapee Sr. High School
Yes 20365 TAMWORTH: Kenneth A. Brett School
Yes 22380 THORNTON: Thornton Central School
Yes 22740 TIMBERLANE REGIONAL: Atkinson Academy
Yes 22745 TIMBERLANE REGIONAL: Danville Elementary School
Yes 22765 TIMBERLANE REGIONAL: Pollard Elementary School
Yes 22775 TIMBERLANE REGIONAL: Sandown Central School
Yes 27910 TIMBERLANE REGIONAL: Sandown North Elementary School
Yes 22770 TIMBERLANE REGIONAL: Timberlane Regional High School
Yes 22760 TIMBERLANE REGIONAL: Timberlane Regional Middle School
Yes 20180 UNITY: Unity Elementary School
Yes 22110 WAKEFIELD: Paul Elementary School
No 22105 WAKEFIELD: Union Elementary School
Yes 20900 WARREN: Warren Village School
No 20985 WASHINGTON: Washington Elementary School
No 22385 WATERVILLE VALLEY: Waterville Valley Elementary School
Yes 26810 WEARE: Center Woods School
Yes 20720 WEARE: Weare Middle School
Yes 22390 WENTWORTH: Wentworth Elementary School
Yes 21230 WESTMORELAND: Westmoreland School
Yes 21465 WHITE MOUNTAINS REGIONAL: Dalton Elementary School
Yes 21470 WHITE MOUNTAINS REGIONAL: Jefferson Elementary School
Yes 21475 WHITE MOUNTAINS REGIONAL: Lancaster Elementary School
Yes 21480 WHITE MOUNTAINS REGIONAL: White Mountains Regional High School
Yes 26930 WHITE MOUNTAINS REGIONAL: Whitefield Elementary School
Yes 23060 WILTON: Florence Rideout Elementary School
Yes 26955 WILTON-LYNDEBORO: Wilton-Lyndeboro Middle School
Yes 23070 WILTON-LYNDEBOROUGH: Wilton-Lyndeboro Senior High School
No 26975 WINCHESTER: Thayer Junior High School
Yes 21735 WINCHESTER: Winchester Elementary School
Yes 21130 WINDHAM: Golden Brook Elementary School
Yes 21135 WINDHAM: Windham Center School
Yes 21125 WINDHAM: Windham Middle School
No 27445 WINDHAM: Windham-Pelham Preschool
Yes 20780 WINNACUNNET COOPERATIVE: Winnacunnet High School
Yes 22925 WINNISQUAM REGIONAL: Sanbornton Central School
Yes 27070 WINNISQUAM REGIONAL: Southwick School
Yes 22945 WINNISQUAM REGIONAL: Union Sanborn School
Yes 22950 WINNISQUAM REGIONAL: Winnisquam Regional High School
Yes 22955 WINNISQUAM REGIONAL: Winnisquam Regional Middle School

Last updated: October 30, 2006