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Forming the New Tech Council:

With the initial funding of four Local Education Support Centers in Gorham, Keene, Manchester, and Exeter, a major goal of the current state plan was accomplished. This step, with the Centers as the focal point of the plan, marked the beginning of a new structure for the Council. As of August 2003, the new Council included members recommended from each of the Centers joining NHDOE staff plus a few members-at-large.


The Council is an advisory group to the NH Department of Education regarding implementation of the State Educational Technology Plan.

This assistance to the Department's Office of Educational Technology includes feedback from the various stakeholder groups through their corresponding Council member regarding the following topics:

  • developing policy guidelines to foster effective statewide technology integration
  • pursuing funding opportunities
  • designing infrastructure
  • identifying and disseminating information and resources
  • enlisting private sector support
  • evaluating progress toward the vision of effective technology integration

Member Responsibilities:

  • Actively participate in quarterly Council meetings.
  • Actively participate in subgroup meetings.
  • Review pre-meeting materials prior to each meeting.
  • Discuss issues presented in pre-meeting materials with members' stakeholder groups.
  • Prepare summaries of stakeholder feedback prior to each meeting.
  • Present summary feedback to Council.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with stakeholders and the Department.

Member Selection Criteria:

  • Two proposed members must be identified by their respective Centers.
  • One Center staff must also represent each Center on the Council.
  • The Department will coordinate final selection of members to ensure effective representation for all stakeholders and all regions.
  • Each Center will ensure the periodic rotation of their stakeholder representatives on the State
    Educational Technology Council.
  • Members must commit to carrying out the responsibilities listed above.


Council Membership in 2003-04

New members list

to be posted in late August 2003




Council Meetings in 2003-04

Full council meetings are scheduled quarterly and subgroups meet in between, either face to face or online. Ongoing correspondence online occurs as needed.

July-August 2003 - Online only

Summer Reading" Theme: SETDA Toolkit Topics

  • Technology Literacy Assessment, Effective Teaching with
    Technology Assessment, NH School Minimum Standards
  • Common Data Elements, Technology and ... (NCES)
  • Scientifically Based Research
  • National Educational Technology Plan


Wednesday, October 1, 2003 - Council meeting hosted by North Country Education Support Center in Gorham

Fall Reading Themes: State Plan Goals 1 and 3

  • State Plan Goal 1 (Access for students and teachers)
  • State Plan Goal 3 (Students Using Technology)


Wednesday, January 7, 2004 - Council meeting hosted by Seacoast Education Support Center in Exeter

Winter Reading Theme: State Plan Goal 2

  • Goal 2 (Teachers Using Technology)


Wednesday, April 7, 2004 - Council meeting hosted by Western Education Support Center in Keene

Spring Reading Theme: State Plan Goal 5

  • Goal 5 (Digital Content and Networked Applications)


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