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NH Statewide Educational Technology Council

Meeting Agenda


April 7, 2004


10:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Southwestern NH Educational Support Center, Keene



Cathy Higgins: Welcome, Introductions, Agenda Review

Phil McCormack & Deb Couture: Mini-tour of Keene Center


Center updates: activities and plans at each center, grant possibilities coming up


DOE update: staff, standards, distance education, other topics


Discussion: Student to computer ratios

From 1/7/04 minutes: “It was suggested that we might reframe our state plan targets for technology use today. For example, does the plan imply desktop PC? What about differentiated technology for different grade levels and types of content? The council agreed to focus on the One-to-One Concept at the next council meeting to explore this idea further.”

See CARET site provided by ISTE ( - keyword search for “ratios”

See also tech survey data by region.


Working Lunch


State Ed Tech Plan Goal 5 – Digital content and networked applications will transform learning.


- Administrative systems
- Virtual learning
- Rich online content


Additional Topics (as time permits)

White papers / position papers?

Tech Planning meetings hosted by centers to gather input for rewriting the planning guide

Future meetings and members: Continue quarterly and schedule dates for fall, winter, spring? Rotate facilitation and scribing?