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New Hampshire Standards Related to
Educational Technology and Media Literacy

Minimum Standards for Public School Approval

During 2003 and 2004 the State Board of Education oversaw a revision of the NH School Minimum Standards. You can read the entire set of current NH Administrative Rules and the Revised Statutes related to School Standards, located on the NH General Court web site. The new standards became effective on July 1, 2005.Links pertinent to information and technology are provided here:

Ed 306.08 Instructional Resources - This section describes the kinds of instructional resources, facilities, and staffing that should be made available in a school. This used to be 306.15 Information/Technology.

Ed 306.42 Information and Communication Technologies Program - This section describes the necessary competencies and topics to include in an ICT Literacy Program, including competency and credit requirements for end of 8th grade and high school completion. This used to be Ed 306.27 Computer Education Program. Visit the ICT Literacy Toolkit for much more information, including examples and a draft set of common rubrics for assessing digital portfolios, developed by a statewide team of educators.

Ed 306.22 Distance Education - This section describes the minimum elements that districts and their school boards should provide when offering a distance education program. This used to be Ed 306.23(k) related to correspondence and distance education courses.

Ed 306.27 High School Curriculum, Credits, Graduation Requirements, and Co-curricular Program - This section contains references about requirements for graduation. The reference to credits in the old standards used to be 306.23(g).

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Click here to view a DRAFT of the revisions for the Computer Technology Educator Certification Standards. These changes were accepted by the Professional Standards Board on October 26, 2009. They will also be presented to the Council for Teacher Education and will be moved forward in the process of rulemaking, public hearings, and review by the legislative rules committee and State Board. We anticipate a possible effective date of July 1, 2010, although this is only a tentative date at this point.

new iconThe committee also recommended that the name of the certification area be changed, as the current name tends to cause confusion. View the results of a rapid response survey that was conducted in August 2009, and in particular, see question #4 regarding the title.

Standards for Educator Credentials

The NH credential areas most pertinent to the arena of educational technology and media literacy are listed below. The most current and complete set of standards for these and all credentials may be viewed online:

Educational Specialist


  • Ed 507.22 Computer Technology Educator (Code 0350)

* Please note that the terms and functions of Educational Technology and Technology Education are often confused. There is also a credential for "Comprehensive Technology Education" which is not the same as Computer Technology Educator.


Last updated: February 22, 2010