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NCLB Title II-D Allowable Activities List

In implementing its local technology plan, a district may use Ed Tech funds to support one or more of the following types of activities:



Access to Technology Resources  

1.       Increasing accessibility to technology, particularly through public-private partnerships, with special emphasis on accessibility for high-need schools.

Fund a community shared computer lab with equipment and staffing costs shared by school and community organizations

2.       Enhancing existing technology and acquiring new technology to support education reforms and to improve student achievement.

Buy additional computers, digital projectors, and other digital tools, such as digital cameras, science probes, etc. for use in classrooms

3.       Acquiring connectivity linkages, resources, and services for use by students and school personnel to improve academic achievement.

Buy additional network, web, or email servers, and networking software

Technology Literacy for Students  

4.       Adapting or expanding applications of technology to enable teachers to increase student academic achievement, including technology literacy, through teaching practices that are based on the review of relevant research and through use of innovative distance learning strategies.

Buy software for classroom use or distance learning courses for students

5.       Implementing proven and effective courses and curricula that include integrated technology and that are designed to help students reach challenging academic standards.

Fund proven and effective courses and curriculum materials which integrate technology into academic content areas

6.       Developing, enhancing, or implementing information technology courses.

Fund IT courses for students

Professional Development  

7.       Supporting ongoing, sustained, intensive, high-quality professional development, focused on the integration of advanced technologies, including emerging technologies, into curriculum and instruction and in using those technologies to create new learning environments.

Fund PD activities which are ongoing and help teachers integrate new technologies into their teaching

8.       Preparing one or more teachers in schools as technology leaders who will assist other teachers, and providing bonus payments to the technology leaders.

Pay teachers with stipends or bonuses in exchange for their leadership and assistance to their colleagues

Community Involvement  

9.       Using technology to promote parental involvement and foster communication among students, parents, and teachers about curricula, assignments, and assessments.

Buy online services where teachers can post homework and other information for parents to view and to communicate with teachers

10.   Using technologies to collect, manage, and analyze data to inform and enhance teaching and school improvement efforts.

Buy data management systems for teachers to assess and analyze student performance

11.   Implementing enhanced performance measurement systems to determine the effectiveness of education technology programs funded with Ed Tech funds.

Fund evaluation activities and resources


Last updated: May 12, 2008