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No Child Left Behind: Title II Part D
Enhancing Education Through Technology

Contact: Cathy Higgins


With the passage of the No Child Left Behind Act in January 2002, a program was established within Title II Part D to provide federal funding to schools for educational technology. This program is called Enhancing Education Through Technology (E2T2). You will find links to information about current year funding in the table below. Information from previous years (2002-03 through 2008-09) may be found on the archives page.


FY2010 (Round 8) for 2009-10 Academic Year
AND Federal Stimulus Funding (ARRA)

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Request Inventory Tags

If your district purchased any equipment costing $100 or more, you need to request federal Title IID inventory tags.

Request tags using THIS FORM.

blue arrow iconFederal Stimulus Information (ARRA)
21st Century Classrooms

Released on September 9, 2009, the application for NCLB Title II-D ARRA is available on the NHDOE Recovery Website.

Information webinars and face-to-face grant writing assistance sessions about the ARRA Title II-D and the regular Title II-D grants were held during September and October 2009. Visit the links on the ARRA page to see the slides and other information.

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A Request for Proposals (RFP) was issued for evaluation services for the NCLB Title II-D grants awarded during the 2009-10 school year. The submission deadline was 1/22/2010. Click the link above for a copy of the RFP.

A Request for Information (RFI) was posted on 9/17/09 to identify potential evaluation services for the NCLB Title II-D grants. This was followed by an RFP issued by the Nashua School District on behalf of the grantees for the 2009-10 issuing period. (see above)

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Tech Leader Cohort (TLC) Program

Training for Teacher Leaders and Administrators

new iconRead about the 2009-10 Tech Leader Program!

LESCN Locations

Local Educational Support Centers Network (LESCN)

LESCN sites provide professional development services that support these grants. We encourage you to visit their websites and their physical sites! The mission of these centers is to provide high quality training opportunities that will empower teachers and show a positive correlation to student achievement. Programs provide high quality professional development to increase teacher quality by increasing their content knowledge, teaching skills, and use of classroom technology. Visit the LESCN website for information about the programs and services offered at each Center, and to obtain contact information.

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Classroom Tech Mini-Grants

Exemplary Project Based Learning
Connected to Core Content Areas

new icon2009-10 Mini-grant Awards here!

View movies, lesson plans, and rubrics from previous year mini-grants:

What is Project Based Learning?

Transfering Funds into Title II-D

FY2010 Allocation Funding for Round 8 (2009-10)

Under the federal REAP and FLEX guidelines, districts still have the option of transferring funds from other programs into the Title II-D program in order to use such funds for activities allowable under the Title II-D program. To do this, districts should submit their common pages and OBM form 1 as usual and also submit a Title II-D Funds Transfer Application. Such transfers will then be reviewed by the program managers for both title programs.

Grantee Requirements:

  • Local Technology Plan - Ensure that your district has an approved tech plan and is CIPA compliant.
  • Professional Development - Use at least 25% of your district's allocation award for ongoing, sustained, and intensive high quality professional development. Districts are encouraged to take advantage of the professional development opportunities provided through the Local Educational Support Center Network (LESCN).
  • Technology Survey - Complete the annual NH School Technology Survey for each school in your district.


Last updated 12/13/2010