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NHEON :: Office of Ed Tech :: NCLB :: 2008-09 :: Focus Area 3

No Child Left Behind: Title II Part D
Enhancing Education Through Technology

Contact: Cathy Higgins

Focus Area 4: Tech Leader Cohort (TLC) Program

Supported by the New Hampshire Department of Education (NHDOE)*
and the Local Educational Support Center Network (LESCN)

This program consists of a series of professional development opportunities between February 2009 and February 2010 delivered in a combination of face-to-face and online formats. Tech leaders will be immersed in content aligned to the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS). Participants should expect to spend an average of 3-4 hours per week on activities, including online discussions, face to face sessions, readings, planning, and data collection activities. Participants' school principals will also be engaged in a modest amount of discussions connected to the program.

Instructors will vary according to location and content. Training will emphasize the use of free and low-cost resources for professional development, curriculum planning, Internet safety, and interactive simulation software for student engagement (e.g., Thinkfinity,, Intel Teach, CyberSmart, Alice, Scratch, and more). District tech plans and the NH Tech Planning Guide will be referenced to determine the professional development that needs strengthening within the plans and in actual practice. Resources on 21st century skills, Web 2.0 tools, policies and practices, as well as organizational change, will be a large focus of this program. The ultimate goal is to support a statewide cadre of skilled, informed teacher leaders who are empowered to support their colleagues in creating truly 21st century learning environments.

Registration: Participants funded through 2008-09 NCLB Title IID grants were required to register by Friday, 2/6/2009 for activities that begin in February 2009 and run through February 2010. Extra seats are available for a limited time only. Contact your nearest PD Center for availability and registration details.

Cost: The cost is $1,500 per participant and includes the following:

Online Professional Development

  • TLC Online Collaborative Space – TLC registration provides each participant access to the “TLC Online” gathering space. Participants will access and share ideas and resources throughout the year using an online meeting space.
  • OPEN NH Course - TLC registration provides access to one OPEN NH online courses of each participant’s choice during the Summer or Fall 2009 terms. It is not necessary for all tech leaders to take the same OPEN NH course, although we encourage common courses among groups of tech leaders when appropriate.

Intel Certified Training

  • TLC registration provides each participant a seat in a series of 5 full-day Intel “Thinking with Technology” sessions, distributed across the 2009-2010 program year. This series is “platform neutral” in that the training is all web-based and accommodates both Mac and PC users. Participants must commit to the entire series of training modules, not just one or two half day sessions, because it’s a complete program. If participation in this aspect of the TLC program is expected to be a problem, it is important to identify a colleague at your school who can participate – for the entire Intel series. Dates and locations for TLC 2009-2010 are available upon registration. Continental breakfast and lunch is included. Participants may bring their own laptop or use computers available at training sites.


  • Educating the 21st Century Learner (April 1, 2009) – TLC registration includes event seating for the tech leader and their principal at this April 1st event. Registration instructions: Go to, check the “purchase order” box, and add a note to indicate registration is covered by the TLC Program. EACH participant should register separately to ensure both names are on the list. This event is FILLING UP FAST so don’t delay if you are planning to attend.
  • Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference (December 2009) – TLC registration includes one day registration for this conference with one Intel session delivered each day. Participants select their preferred Intel day.
  • iPod Touch - TLC registration covers the cost to purchase one iPod Touch. The tool will be inventoried by LESCN. Each tech leader will be asked to sign a memo of understanding regarding the purpose and use of this tool to support TLC program activities. Orders will be placed after all tech leader registrations are confirmed, and tools will be distributed at the earliest possible face-to-face session. TLC Online modules will include resources to explore and expand use of the iTouch in school.

Graduate Credit

  • We are working with the College of Graduate Studies at Plymouth State University to design a course syllabus that would allow TLC participants the option of registering for graduate credits. There is also the possibility of doing the same at Keene State College. Additional costs for graduate credits are not covered by your TLC registration fee.


For questions about the Title II-D grants which cover participation fees for districts receiving such grants, contact Cathy Higgins at For questions about training locations, please contact your nearest center using the contact information available through


* This program is funded, in part, by federal funding from the No Child Left Behind Title II-D Program, Enhancing Education Through Technology, with grants to several districts to cover the registration fees for one or more TLC participants.

Last updated 06/09/2009