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Submission Instructions for NCLB Title II-D Proposals for 2008-09

1. Download the application form, OBM Budget Form 1, and submission guidelines from the website at: Use the forms provided to create your proposal and budget form.

2. EMAIL the complete application electronically as attachments to an email to by no later than Monday, 11/10/08. The following files should be attached:

  • Attach the "District Application Cover Page" which indicates the focus areas you are applying for and the amount of grant funds requested. (The electronic file does not have to include the superintendent's signature, but the hard copy version that you mail on 11/10/08 must have the signature.)
  • Attach the application forms pertaining to each focus area for which you are applying. These will contain the narrative and budget for each applicable focus area.
  • Attach only one single Budget OBM form 1. This form will include all requested focus areas (break out each focus area on bottom half of page 2 detail section).

3. The subject line of the email must read:

Title II-D Application for <Your District Name>

4. As soon as you email your application, put your signed original OBM Form 1 and the application cover page in the mail on the same day (11/10/08). Only one copy (original with signature) is needed. You do not need to snail mail the application forms for each focus area since they do not have any signature lines on them and you would have already emailed them as attachments.

Mail the budget form 1 and application cover page to:

Dr. Cathy Higgins
Office of Educational Technology
NH Department of Education
101 Pleasant St
Concord , NH 03301


Last updated: November 4, 2008