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Enhancing Education Through Technology (NCLB Title II-D)

Phase III: Digital Tools Awards 2007-08

District Abstract Amount Awarded
Ashland The Ashland School District is seeking to provide three interactive whiteboard systems for daily classroom use.  One whiteboard system would be placed in each wing of the school so that access will be available to primary, upper elementary, and middle school classes.  Professional development training in the use of the whiteboards, as well as how to effectively integrate them into the curriculum, will be provided to all staff members. 10,488.00
Barrington Research states more engaged students have higher levels of academic success. Classroom response systems (CRS) increase participation thereby increasing engagement. Initially implementing CRS for daily warm-ups and pre-assessments in four classrooms will encourage active participation that will be translated to higher test scores. Data driven instruction due to the immediacy of CRS use will begin in two classrooms for the middle school and two classrooms for the elementary school. Plans include roll-out to interested teachers. 13,001.73
Bartlett Our school population has made excellent progress using software-based applications and the web as a resource and research tool. We will move these students and staff into the exploration of the new collaborative, interactive environment of Web 2.0 and the plethora of new digital tools. Our initial introduction to digital tools will be through digital video, iPod’s, and handhelds and their subsequent integration into data-driven, differentiated units. 11,126.00
Chester Chester Academy, a Windows-based school, recently added Linux thin clients. It’s now time to expose our students to the world of Macs. The Mac lab will enable students in all grades to produce podcasts, digital books, videos and other digital portfolio artifacts using the advantages of Apple multimedia software. Students will also have hands-on experiences comparing the similarities and differences between Windows, Linux, and Macs. 11,365.00
Claremont This project will use a variety of digital tools to have middle school students explore career options. Partnerships with local employers, the Career and Technical Center (CTC), and the unified arts teachers will excite students to see real people and real situations where technology is used. Students will then use digital cameras, scanners, and other tools to document their career exploration journey, thereby, creating digital artifacts for their digital portfolio.  10,000.00
Concord With the adoption of current edition of Everyday Math, the Concord School District has created a professional development plan for the integration of SMART Boards and SMART Board created activities that support the curriculum, allow for differentiation, and engagement of virtual manipulatives. This grant is going to move us toward student created and student centered smartboard activities that demonstrate understanding. 22,930.00
Fall Mountain Regional This Digital Tool Project entitled, “Roving Interactive Moodle Labs,” would help implement and promote our Electronic Portfolio Initiative. Using Mobile Interactive Training Instruction along with SmartBoards to help promote technology integration and Moodle, motivates and inspires. Students and teachers would receive classroom instruction using Interactive Whiteboards, which are proven to aid student achievement by addressing multiple learning styles and diverse abilities.  They enhance the interaction between teacher and student, while holding attention and promoting enthusiasm. 15,213.00
Farmington  In order to enhance existing technologies in the Farmington School District and give teachers expanded opportunities to digitize the writing and research process, our project consists of the creation of digital media “kits” for each of our school divisions.  These kits will each contain a Mimio interactive and capture bar for white board technologies, a laptop computer with video editing capabilities, a scanner, an LCD projector, and a digital camera (with tripod and 1G disk). 12,395.00
Franklin The Franklin School District will use this grant to purchase interactive white boards and hand-held computers. These digital tools will enhance current instructional practices. Hand-held computing devices will be used during classroom walk-throughs in order to provide real-time feedback on technology implementation. Key to successful implementation will be a series of workshops that support teachers using these technologies. To ensure success, we will incorporate a Technology Mentor model successfully implemented in other NH school districts. 16,064.00
Gorham Randolph Shelburne By integrating emerging technologies with established instruction, students at the Edward Fenn Elementary School and Gorham High School will discover the relevance of mathematics and technology in their daily lives.  We are requesting an integrated digital whiteboard and classroom response system to deliver our curriculum in a new format, geared towards our technology savvy students. 10,788.00
Governor Wentworth Regional The Governor Wentworth Regional School District will fully outfit one math and one science high school classroom with interactive whiteboards, LCD projectors and dedicated laptops to increase student achievement and interest in learning. The four pilot teachers who use the two classrooms and a support team of eleven other professionals will be provided with high-quality professional development to assist the teachers as they learn to redesign their instruction. 16,167.00
Hampton The Hampton School District will use Title II D funds to purchase digital still cameras, digital video cameras, digital editing software, and photo quality digital scanners to be used by students and teachers in grades five through eight to create digital artifacts as a means to increase student access to technology; capture and document student learning, enhance technology integration, and  increase proficiency in using state of the art digital imaging tools.  9,932.63
Hinsdale The Hinsdale School District seeks a Digital Tools Grant in order to expand the district’s use of interactive whiteboards as a tool for teaching and learning. This grant will expand both range-of-use and learning style modification options; by providing not only the necessary hardware, but also providing training and support for teacher and student exploration of this new digital tool and its integration into the classroom curriculum. 10,000.00
Keene This project will support the development and deployment of pilot projects to address 21st Century Medial Literacy skills in the creation and ethical use of audio files, and the storage and tracking of such files in a web-based/network based digital portfolio system.  15,144.56
Laconia At the high school this proposal is designed for developing the infrastructure to be implementing digital portfolios.  This grant proposal will provide the opportunity for the staff and students of LHS to create artifacts, develop rubrics, and create the structure for digital portfolios.  At the elementary level, this grant will support the purchase of 2Know classroom response systems.  This system will encompass all curriculum areas and will allow for immediate responses. 16,700.00
Lafayette After attending the November Learning Conference 2007, the staff of Lafayette Regional School realized the benefits of an Interactive Whiteboard and a Classroom Response System.  Many classroom teachers immediately identified the usefulness of these digital tools in math instruction, especially to increase math computation scores on the Terra Nova Multiple Assessment Standardized Test. Staff development focused on using the equipment as well as curriculum integration will be included as part of the implementation. 10,300.00
Littleton Union SAU #84 would like to jump start the use of digital portfolios in the district by providing Flip Video Camcorders and professional development to all classroom teachers in the district.  The professional development will focus on how to use the device and how students can use the device to share their learning.  The end products will be sharing student videos on the district web site and them in digital portfolios. 12,723.00
Manchester As it continues to implement digital portfolios, Manchester proposes to purchase additional computers (either PCs or Macs) so that all four district middle schools will have computers to be used exclusively by their social studies teachers and students. Social studies teachers will receive necessary professional development such that at this project’s conclusion, all middle school students will have digital artifacts and corresponding reflections stored in digital portfolios. 62,655.00
Merrimack Valley Research shows that technology is generally used in the classroom in two ways, as tools students are taught to use for productivity or as tools used by instructors to deliver content. This project proposes to bring interactive notepads and student response systems to Merrimack Valley Middle School classrooms so that teachers can plan and deliver interactive lessons which engage students in lessons that meet diverse learning styles, especially spatial and visual learning needs.  15,936.00
Milan The Milan Village School 4th, 5th and 6th grade teachers will receive basic training in Global Information Systems (GIS), Arcview software and Global Positioning System (GPS) units from an outside expert. The school’s Technology Instructor and Principal will undertake an in-depth training in these technologies. They will support, collaborate with, and ensure follow through by the classroom teachers in integrating mapping technologies into lessons which meet requirements of the New Hampshire Science Framework. 10,500.00
Milford The ePortfolio is a required, contemporary venue for documenting student learning in all content areas.  As a Follow the Child School District, the progress of Milford students is recorded and analyzed through personalized learning profiles and ePortfolio artifacts.  This project will increase access to technology in all classrooms using portable computer labs, thus affording relevant, rigorous and engaging opportunities for students to employ technology tools to learn and to document learning. 10,000.00
Newmarket The Newmarket School District plans to provide professional development activities that focus on the integration of technology into the teaching and learning process.  A core group of staff will be provided with professional development activities that showcase the ideology of Helen Barrett with reference to electronic portfolios.  The purchase of scanning equipment, scanners, and a web-based outlet for the storing of portfolios will allow our core group to initiate their own electronic portfolios as models for others.  12,774.50
Northumberland Our district has successfully integrated the use of interactive whiteboards at Groveton Elementary and Groveton High School for the last few years.  Purchasing an additional 4 Smartboards and LCD projectors with this grant will allow us to deliver this proven educational experience to many more students on a regular basis.  Our teachers, in all subject areas, have found that students remain more engaged when actively involved in the delivery of curriculum content using this technology. 11,555.00
Portsmouth The interactive whiteboard project will enable teachers to engage students in higher-level student participation. Interactive whiteboards help our teachers differentiate instruction for different learning styles of students The project will enable teacher lessons to become less didactic because students can interact with the content and context of the lessons digitally. Whiteboards help our teachers’ model how learners participate and make meaning from digital, visual information. This is an important 21st century skill. 16,693.00
Profile After the successful integration  of  a single  Smart Board into teaching and class activities during the last  four years, and based on the demands of teachers,  Profile School seeks to deploy enough units, along with Student Response Devices and comprehensive faculty Training to address these demands throughout its renovated Middle School building. 11,007.00
Raymond The project that we will undertake includes the creation of technology infused classrooms within the social studies department at Raymond High School.  To accomplish this task, we will need to purchase 3 laptop computers and 4 LCD projectors through this grant opportunity.  The reason for targeting social studies is that the teachers in this department are very determined and enthusiastic about using technology in their lessons.  14,115.80
Seabrook The Seabrook School District grant will support the integration of technology into the classroom with the purchase of one SmartBoard system, six Mimio Board systems and teacher training for each. The SmartBoard will be utilized in the library for research/information retrieval classes taught by the recently Board approved full-time librarian. The Mimio Boards will be used in individual classrooms to continue technology integration within academic content areas.
Shaker Regional Educators are always seeking answers to the question, “Do my students understand what I have taught them?”  The Shaker Regional School District project proposal will allow high school teachers to answer this question with a resounding ”yes!”  The SENTEO Interactive Response System will work seamlessly with the existing SMARTBoard technology at Belmont High School to assess student understanding both in a formative and summative way while actively engaging students in their learning.   12,823.62
Warren Through the use of digital tools such as an Interactive White Board, wireless pad, and student response system, the Warren Village School will host an International Learning Festival where students will demonstrate their learning about other cultures, use the digital tools to create a cultural bee, and involve the community by allowing them to participate in a dynamic question and answer activity. 10,496.00
Wentworth Digital portfolios are change agents, providing schools with dynamic tools for in depth, data-driven, decision-making around school improvement and reform. Wentworth educators will be trained in the utilization of “Richer Picture” digital portfolio software to look at a student's body of work as a whole, expecting student growth over time. Teachers will utilize rubrics for assessment. Students will learn how to use the software, selecting pieces for end-of-year review incorporating them into their electronic portfolios.  10,343.00
White Mountain Regional BAM! Technology rolls into the math classroom. A six-unit mobile mini math lab will be added to both the Lancaster and Whitefield schools to support math instruction. Students will utilize web-based programs such as Maths 300 and Shodor to maximize individual skill development, access webcams to animate word problems bringing math to life, and develop real life number applications through Excel charts and graphs. All are skills needed to boost math achievement in our schools. 13,131.00

Last updated: December 15, 2008