NCLB Title II-D Phase II: Classroom Tech Mini-Grants



1.      Are private schools eligible to apply for mini-grants?

No, not directly. However, as a public school team from a high need district submitting a proposal, you need to provide an opportunity for local non-public schools within your locality to consult with you when you write your proposal. Contact them to discuss ways they might be included in your project. You are not required to include them in your project activities if they are not interested in partnering with you, but you do need to offer them the opportunity. If a private school is part of your application, any equipment purchased with the grant must remain the property of the public school. Equipment may be loaned to the private school, if needed, to carry out the project.

Note that the grant application includes a requirement for you to describe ways in which your project can extend beyond your own classroom walls to other schools, whether public or private. For a list of non-public schools and their contact information, visit this page on the NHDOE website and click on the link to the non-public schools list:


2.      Are charter schools eligible to apply for mini-grants?

If the district where the charter school is located is on the “high need districts” list, the charter school may apply, however the funding must go to the district. The charter school would be considered as a school within the district (see question #4 below).


3.      Can our team present our project at other conferences besides the ones listed in the application guidelines?


Yes, you can certainly consider presenting at other conferences besides those listed in the application guidance. The NHTM, NHCTE, NHCSS, NHSTA, NHMEA, and NHAEA conferences were specifically listed because technology rich projects are not always presented at these conferences, and we hope this initiative can contribute to an increased use of technology within all academic areas through conversations at conferences.


4.      How many schools within a district may receive a mini-grant award?


No more than three mini-grants will be awarded per school district, and no more than one award per school level (elementary, middle, high school) will be awarded within a district. If there are two teams at the same school planning to apply, you will need to decide whether to combine your proposals into one project or to submit separate proposals.


5.      Can two schools from different districts apply together?


Yes, we encourage you to consider this.