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Levels of Technology Implementation

What is LoTi?

The LoTi Survey provides a way for New Hampshire educators to identify their professional development needs by assessing their levels of current instructional practice and personal computer use. This survey is intended to assist educators to increase their expertise in creating student centered learning environments. The focus is on instruction, not on technology skills as isolated competencies. After completing the Levels of Technology Implementation (LoTi) survey, which typically takes about 20 minutes, educators are provided their individual LoTi levels, along with recommendations for increasing their current levels.

Do you provide LoTi Training?

Yes, there are several people in New Hampshire who are trained to mentor others on best uses of LoTi. Contact one of the Local Educational Support Centers if you are looking for a trainer.

Is my LoTi data confidential?

Yes. While individual LoTi data is kept confidential, each school is provided with a summary LoTi profile from the aggregated data of all participating educators. School reports are then compiled to form district profiles, which are then used to generate the LoTi State Reports.

Do I need a login to Take the LoTi Survey?

  • If you took the LoTi Survey in previous years, you already have a login and password. If you have forgotten your password, contact your district technology coordinator.
  • If you are new to LoTi, request a group ID login and password from your district technology coordinator.
  • (District tech coordinators should contact Cathy Higgins at the NHDOE if you need updated information.)
  • When you begin the survey, you will be able to select your institutional affiliation as follows:

If you work in a K-12 school in New Hampshire, select your SAU number, then your district name, and then your school name.

Those who do not work in an SAU in New Hampshire should select "Other" and then select one of these:

Institution of Higher Education (All NH teacher preparation programs are listed -- pick your institution.)

Non-Public Schools (Non-public school names are added on request.)

Not Employed in a school or college (If you are "not employed in a school or college" you are either: NH DOE staff OR All Others.)

After choosing your affiliation, you can choose from the following respondent categories: Building Administrator

In-service teacher

Media Specialist

Higher Education Faculty

Pre-service student teacher

Last updated: November 9, 2006