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IT and Me Works

A Follow up Course of Study to IT and Me
Complete Lesson Plans for Eighth or Ninth Grade Students
To be taught in one semester or its equivalent

IT and ME Works is built on the same skills, standards and learner outcomes as the first course with a focus on Business Technologies, Interactive Media, PC Hardware & Networking, Programming & Software Development. However, the educators, who designed this course, wrote six weeks of lesson plans for each career specialty totaling 24 weeks so that the teacher, depending upon his/her school's program of studies, could teach each specialty as a "stand-alone" course or in conjunction with the others.

NOTE: Lesson plans for each strand have been packed as a .zip file and are available for download below. All lesson plans have been saved as Adobe PDF files for user compatibility. If you need an unzipping application please visit Download.com. If you require the PDF viewer, please visit Adobe.com.

Business Technologies

The focus of this strand is to help students make a smooth transition from high school to life. Whether the path leads to advanced schooling, the military or directly into the world of work, New Hampshire students must be prepared to live, learn and work in the 21st century. In this strand, students will learn database creation, spreadsheet calculations and linking, information management, effective oral, written and electronic communication, international business, consumer behavior and website analysis.

Interactive Media

The focus of this strand is to help students master a variety of computer-based applications that integrate text, graphics, sound, animation and video. With the Internet and eCommerce growing at expanding rates, the demand for multimedia-trained specialists far exceeds the supply. Growing fields in multimedia range from video game creators, to website designers, to 3-D animation specialists.

PC Hardware & Networking

The focus of this strand is to help students configure computers in a peer-to-peer situation utilizing the most common software and operating systems. Students will learn the basic fundamentals of building a network from configuration to installation. In addition to the technical skills, students will gain skills and experience in business etiquette and customer relations.

Programming and Software Development

The focus of this strand is to help students gain an understanding of structured and object-oriented programming. Students will develop problem-solving techniques and critical thinking skills through the application of programming concepts. Furthermore, students will gain an overview of the programming languages used in software development for use in today’s computerized society.
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