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Future Educators Pathway Introduction

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Future Educators Academy
“Let No Great Teacher Be Left Behind”

The Demand for Teachers:

The effects of educators on individuals are long-lived, whether they advance student achievement or inhibit it. Nationally, during the next 10 years, some 2.5 million new teachers will be employed to replace retiring teachers, meet growing school enrollments, lower class size, and replace teachers who have exited the field. Strategies for recruitment, hiring and retention of educators remain largely a district level responsibility and New Hampshire’s Future Educators Academy is a high school strategy for “growing one’s own teachers.”

The Future Educators Academy:

The Future Educators Academy is a rigorous course of study that prepares
students for enrollment in a teacher preparation program. The two-part
foundation course was developed by a team of educators with both classroom and administrative experience. The curriculum aligns with the National Board Standards for Professional Teaching and each lesson reinforces one or more of the standards. A minimum grade point average of C+ is required for enrollment in FEA Foundations of Education Part I: Exploring the Art of Teaching and, in order to take FEA Foundations of Education Part II: Practicing the Art of Teaching, the future educator must complete the first part with a grade of B or higher.

The Express Plan to Teaching:

Through a statewide articulation agreement between the FEA High Schools and New Hampshire’s Community-Technical College System, FEA students have the opportunity to earn a total of three college credits for the college course – EDU 104 Foundations of Education. These transferable credits are reflected on an official NHCTC transcript and, depending upon the future educator’s final grade, exempt a student from repeating the entry-level foundation course at UNH, Southern NH University and Rivier College.


The Future Educators Academy integrates academic rigor with career development skills and activities so that top-performing students can make an informed decision
about their college major. In today’s global economy, college-bound students have many opportunities but, compared to teaching, many of these options come with higher levels of prestige, salary and respect. The FEA goal is open the doors to the world of teaching and challenge students and teachers to identify the qualities and
characteristics of a quality educator.

The most effective recruitment has been done by FEA students and teachers. It is
their voices that others hear and their passion that keeps the FEA alive. We are
forever grateful to the principals and teachers who have fueled the FEA fire!

For more information on New Hampshire’s Future Educators Academy, contact:

Marsha Miller, Director
Future Educators Academy

Last updated December 15, 2006
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