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New Hampshire e-Learning for Educators Program
OPEN NHNH e-Learning for Educators is an online professional development program. Online facilitated courses and self-paced tutorials are delivered through OPEN NH, our cost-effective statewide online professional development system. OPEN NH courses and tutorials are delivered through the Moodle learning management system. Although our online courses and tutorials are designed to meet the needs of NH schools and educators, all are welcome to participate in the program.

New Hampshire Networks Initiative

NH Networks

Get Involved! Be Involved! Stay Involved!

3DBear NH Pilot Consortium

Adobe Statewide Purchasing Agreement

Classcraft NH Pilot Consortium

GoEnnounce NH Pilot Consortium

NH Loose Canon Pilot Consortium

NBC Learn NH Pilot Consortium

NHSTE Software Purchasing Agreements

SketchUp District License

Streamable Learning NH Consortium

Symbaloo NH Consortium

TeacherGaming NH Consortium

VitalInsight NH Consortium

Professional Development

Habit of Mind Evidence Based Practice Initiative

NH TeacherCoach Consortium Pilot Program


NH e-Learning for Educators

NH Environmental Literacy Collaborative

Digital Learning Day

Funding Sources

Chris Nelson Memorial Grant Program

Capital Mineral Scholarship Program

Christa McAuliffe Sabbatical

Wellborn Ecology Fund


New Hampshire School Connectivity Initiative

NH Educational GIS Consortium

Natioinal Collaborative for Digital Equity

Speak Up New Hampshire

Boston Globe News in Education

Habit of Mind Evidence Based Practice Initiative
The National Collaborative for Digital Equity has launched the Habit of Mind Evidence-Based Practice Initiative with teacher educators in New Hampshire and nationwide. The goal is nothing less than to transform the skills, abilities, and habits of mind of the nation's future educators and those who prepare them (teacher education faculty and cooperating educators), with regard to using research.

NHSTE Software Purchasing Agreements
The New Hampshire Society for Technology in Education offers schools significant price savings on popular software titles. NHSTE has purchasing agreements with some hardware vendors as well. These pricing deals are open to all schools in New Hampshire. Some purchasing deals also apply to schools in Vermont. Check the NHSTE Software Promotions webpage for more information.


Do you have a NH partnership or project to add to this page? We'd love to spotlight the wonderful things you are doing in your schools.
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educators all over new hampshire are doing great things
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Statewide Partnerships

New Hampshire School Connectivity Initiative
Led by DOE's Office of Educational Technology, NHSCI is a collaboration between DOE, the New Hampshire Department of Information Technology, the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development, and the University of New Hampshire.

NH Esri GIS State Partnership
Statewide provision of free licenses for ESRI ArcGIS software for education and research. Available to both public and private schools, and approved non-formal education organizations.

Sketch Up Pro
SketchUp ProA new version of SketchUp Pro has been released. SketchUp is 3D modeling software that is easy and intuitive, allowing anyone to model in 3D quickly and accurately. Using 3D models, students in your school can make more informed decisions, communicate project details, and share ideas with their teachers and classmates.

NH 3DBear Pilot Consortium
3DBear, is an Augmented Reality “maker” program students can use to create, and then interact, with scenes on a phone or tablet. Teachers can use 3DBear in ELA, Social Studies, Science, Art, SEL, or Math to teach students or for students to demonstrate their own mastery. The act of creating for a real audience also teaches higher level skills such as design thinking, creativity, problem solving, computational thinking, and collaboration and provides a link between academic subjects, student interests, and the real world.3DBear works on iPads and iPhones (with an A9 processor or later), and Android devices. It will not work on most chromebooks or Windows machines.

NH GoEnnounce Pilot Consortium
GoEnnounce is an ongoing, student centric learner profile tool, which replaces paper binders. Schools and districts license a student’s own URL, that stays with the child year after year (k-12). GoEnnounce offers educators, administrators, and parents a quick and easy, interactive, assessment tool to understand the “whole child”, in all areas ranging from academic progression, planning future goals, and extra-curricular participation.

NH Symbaloo Pilot Consortium
Symbaloo is an online tool for educators that makes it easy to save, organize, and share resources. You can use Symbaloo to store your favorite links, including: websites, articles, Google Docs, videos, and more. With a Symbaloo PRO workspace, you can publish valuable links on your own Symbaloo domain and share it with students, colleagues, or even parents!

NH Loose Canon Pilot Consortium
Loose Canon is a tool for teachers that helps you organize and energize choice-based reading from 4th grade to 12th. Loose Canon will help teachers set up and track assignments for literature circles, summer reading, independent reading, book clubs, as well as traditional assignments. They make student-centered reading programs more manageable and more self-perpetuating—because teenagers (like adults) are most likely to choose and read books their peers recommend.

NH Cuppla Pilot Consortium
Cuppla is an easy-to-use software for centrally managing mobile devices and sharing digital content. Cuppla brings security settings, WiFi configurations and applications into one location so they can all be managed remotely. Cuppla Digital Noticeboard is a fast and secure way for sharing personalised digital content to different users and user groups. Users can access information selected just for them – anytime and anywhere. Teachers are able to easily share applications to mobile devices so they are always up to date and ready for use in teaching and learning. Cuppla also supports blended learning and safe use of BYOD with centralized licence distribution for Apple phones and tablets.

NH TeacherGaming Pilot Consortium
TeacherGaming puts great games in the hands of teachers and students who can make the most of them. TeacherGaming matches teachers with suitable lesson plans, developed by a team of Finnish teachers specifically designed for TeacherGaming. TeacherGaming Desk links teaching game activities to real-life soft and hard skills, tracked through an online dashboard. Teachers can give students individually tailored feedback and focus on identified pain points.

NH NBC Learn Consortium
NBC Learn gives students and teachers access to thousands of video clips from the NBC News archives, including historic moments – from the Great Depression to the Space Race to the latest political coverage. NBC Learn also offers Emmy-award winning original STEM content, lesson plans, and classroom planning resources, to enliven instructional material as well as stimulate critical thinking and debate.

NH StreamableLearning Consortium
Streamable Learning, the leading provider of live streaming educational programs to K-12 classrooms, is proud to offer public and private K-12 schools in the State of New Hampshire the opportunity to participate in a state-wide free pilot program of our live streaming programs. The programs come from museums, and learning institutions and organizations across the nation. Mouth Washington Observatory and Seacoast Science Center are two NH based organiations offering programs through StreamableLearning. NH schools can get an initial free 3 month pilot followed by discounted subscriptions for schools and districts interested in continuing the service.

VitalInsight NH Consortium
VitalInsight™ is the first diagnostic improvement technology to provide the evidence leaders need to validate success and quickly diagnose, prioritize, and address the root causes of underperformance. VitalInsight™ is offering K-12 schools in the State of New Hampshire the opportunity to participate in statewide consortium pricing for NH Districts.

NH TeacherCoach Consortium Pilot Program
TeacherCoach brings personal growth and professional development to your faculty, parents, and students in New Hampshire Districts for free as part of a New Hampshire Partnership Pilot Program. As part of the resources provided through this pilot, educators can engage in learning communities from educational law to nutrition, that are supported through experts in nearly every field. The NH Consortium Pilot Program seeks to improve student outcomes through teacher leadership, engagement, and fulfillment.

NH Classcraft Consortium Pilot Program
Classcraft, the only all-in-one education platform, is proud to offer public and private K-12 schools in the State of New Hampshire the opportunity to participate in a state-wide free pilot program of our gamification platform. Classcraft is a platform that transforms any classroom into an adventure. Acting as a gamification layer around any existing curriculum, the game revolutionizes the way a class is experienced throughout the school year. Students level up, work in teams, and earn powers that have real-world consequences.

Adobe Statewide Purchasing Agreement
The New Hampshire Department of Education participates in the Cummulative Licensing Program with Adobe. Under this agreement schools, districts, and SAUs will be able to purchase Adobe products under the CLP program at the highest level of discount. To participate, you must enroll as a state license user.

NH e-Learning for Educators
NH ElfEA project of the New Hampshire Department of Education offers online professional development courses, tutorials through OPEN NH along with training in facilitation and online and hybrid development.

NH Environmental Literacy Plan
The NH Board of Education endorsed endorsed the New Hampshire Environmental Literacy plan in April of 2012.

NH Literacy Action Plan
The NH DOE and the Literacy Task Force produced a PreK-16 Literacy Action Plan for the 21st Century. The digital version of the plan includes active links to other valuble resources and documents.

NH Numeracy Action Plan
This quantitative literacy plan was established as a priority for New Hampshire students by the New Hampshire State Board of Education. NH DOE and the New Hampshire Quantitative Literacy Task Force have produced a PreK-16 Numeracy Action Plan for the 21st Century. The digital version of the plan includes active links to other resources and documents.

NH Career Pathways
The NH DoE, Bureau of Career Development, developed career clusters and pathways in our high schools to inspire students to look at their futures and to continued education beyond high school.


Spotlight Projects

Chris Nelson Memorial Grant Program
A program of the NH Society for Technology in Education, the Chris Nelson Memorial Grant Program provides educators an opportunity to fund a specific project in their classroom, school, and/or district. Projects to be funded will have a foundation in the use of emerging instructional technologies to assist and enhance content delivery.

Digital Learning Day
Digital Learning Day is about giving every child the opportunity to learn in a robust digital environment everyday, with the goal of success in college and career. The New Hampshire Society for Technology in Education (NHSTE) is making a difference in New Hampshire's schools by taking the pledge to support the effective use of digital learning and technology in education.

National Collaborative for Digital Equity
NCDEThe Collaborative was co-founded in 2013 as the Digital Opportunity Consortium, by co-chairs Dr. Robert McLaughlin and Dr. Paul Resta. Reflecting the compelling need to speak to potential investors with one voice about why and how to approach digital equity investments and initiatives systemically, we refashioned the consortium as the National Collaborative for Digital Equity, headquartered in Weare, New Hampshire. NCDE works to address the compelling need to speak to potential investors with one voice about why and how to approach digital equity investments and initiatives systematically. The original Digital Opportunity Consortium continues to be powered entirely by volunteers. Our aim is to close the digital divide at home for the nation's low-income schoolchildren and their families. We also help educators and those who prepare future educators and school leaders to learn about essential technology resources, how to use them in teaching and learning, and how to ensure all students enjoy full access to them. We partner with communities, states, professional associations, companies, schools and preparation programs to provide digital access at home at the lowest possible cost to the most essential learning technology resources including broadband, computing devices, educational content across the PreK-12 curriculum, ongoing tech support, and low-interest financing even for families with poor or no credit.

NH Accountablity and Data Systems

NH Data Systems

Christa McAuliffe Sabatical
Christa McAuliffe, a social studies teacher at Concord High School, touched the nation when she was chosen from among 10,000 applicants to be the first teacher in space. After her tragic death in the Challenger space shuttle launch of 1986, Governor John Sununu established, with funding from the state legislature and private contributions, a trust to support this program as a way to memorialize Christa. Each year, the program—administered by the Charitable Foundation—awards a year-long leave of absence to an exceptional New Hampshire public school teacher. The sabbatical provides the teacher with the time, space, and funding to explore, through a self-designed project, new ideas and ways to enhance classroom teaching.

Wellborn Ecology Fund
The Wellborn Ecology Fund serves to increase knowledge about the environment, ecology, and natural history of the Upper Valley through support of experientially-oriented programs that focus on the region’s people, schools, institutions, and communities. The Wellborn Ecology Fund supports programs that provide Upper Valley residents with the knowledge, experience, skills, and understanding necessary to make informed decisions and take useful actions aimed at protecting and sustaining the natural systems of the region. The fund also supports professional and leadership development, peer learning circles, the annual Wellborn Ecology Conference, a quarterly e-newsletter, a weekly article series on natural-history topics, and other initiatives to build capacity for high-quality ecology education in the Upper Valley.

Capital Mineral Club Scholarship Program
The purpose of this scholarship opportunity is to enable an aspiring student to expand his or her formal Geology or Mineralogy training. This scholarship also allows the Capital Mineral Club members to share their passion of Geology and Mineralogy with the candidate in the hope of establishing a lasting social and working relationship. You can submit an application through the Concord Capital Mineral Club's website.



Nationwide Projects

Project Tomorrow Speak Up
Speak Up provides an easy way for students, parents and educators to participate in your local decisions about technology, as well as contribute to the state and national dialogue about educational technology. Since 2003, Project Tomorrow has collected the viewpoints of over 3 million students, educators and parents – the Speak Up dataset represents the largest collection of authentic feedback from these key educational stakeholders.

NH SpeakUp 2018
October 15, 2018- January 31, 2019

NH speaks up

Access to View Past Speak Up Data

Past Speak Up Reports

Boston Globe News in Education Program
The Boston Globe's News in Education program provides educational materials such as curriculum guides, news quizzes, and much more at no cost to teachers and students throughout the school year. Educators also have access to the resources provided by the Pulitzer Center. The Pulitzer Center invites educators to use their reporting in the classroom, and they provide educator support through some great tools and services. Educators can also subscribe to the Boston Globe, and get unlimited online access to BostonGlobe.com for a teacher rate of $10 for 52 weeks.

IWitness Video Challenge
The IWitness Video Challenge is a national video essay contest for secondary school students in the U.S. and Canada, commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s Oscar winning film, Schindler’s List. Guided by the theme, Ordinary People – Extraordinary Actions, it asks students to develop a video essay that links their own voices to those in IWitness and demonstrates how any individual can take action to make the world a better place. I think that you will find the Challenge meets a number of educational technological goals and ISTE NETS and Common Core standards.

Internet Essentials from Comcast
A program designed to bring the power of the Internet to more students and families across the country. Internet Essentials offers affordable pricing for home computers and internet service to qualifying families. Participating customers get fast home Internet service without price increases; no activation or rental fees; a computer at initial enrollment at reduced cost; and free Internet training, online or in person.

GLOBE Program
The Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) program is a worldwide hands-on, primary and secondary school-based science and education program. GLOBE's vision promotes and supports students, teachers and scientists to collaborate on inquiry-based investigations of the environment and the Earth system working in close partnership with NASA, NOAA and NSF Earth System Science Projects (ESSP's) in study and research about the dynamics of Earth's environment.




Last updated November 20, 2018