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ICT Literacy Toolkit
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ePortfolio Solutions Gallery Walk

WHAT: Digital Portfolio Solutions Gallery Walk

WHERE: NH Department of Education, Concord, NH (Londergan Hall, Room 15)

WHEN: February 5, 2009 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

WHO: NH educators invited to browse. Exhibitors invited to show their solutions.

WHAT:  This Digital Portfolio Gallery Walk is like an open house where you come and go when it fits your schedule. Several digital portfolio providers (open source as well as proprietary) have been invited. School district representatives will be able to browse through each exhibit at their own pace, asking pertinent questions, and gathering information so that they can provide a collective set of feedback on how the features and costs of each portfolio platform might meet district needs. Educators from all NH districts are invited to come at whatever time is convenient for them between 9AM and 1PM. Each exhibitor will have a set of presentation slides which will be posted online for future reference, plus an online demo site. IMPORTANT: See this post for registration details. If you cannot attend but wish to receive follow up information from the gallery walk, you are still encouraged to follow the link and check the “I cannot attend” box at the end.

OUR GOALS for this event are twofold: (1) help districts see the range of portfolio solutions, so that they can be better informed about which portfolio solutions might be a best fit with their overall school environment, and (2) understand the wishes and needs of districts and provide the summary input back to all NH districts. A set of criteria will be provided for participants to look for as they browse through the exhibits.

Questions for districts to consider prior to attending.

QUESTIONNAIRE for attendees (results will be posted here after the event).


Exhibitor Portfolio Solution Slides
Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Acrobat Pro  
Oyster River Cooperative School District GoogleDocs  
Kuder, Inc. Kuder Career Planning System PPT
Ideas Consulting, Inc. Richer Picture  
OLK12 Sakai OSP (OLK12 site) PPT
Serensoft Sakai OSP (Serensoft site)  
SAU 53 Sakai OSP (SAU53 site)  
Nashua School District SharePoint (Nashua site) PPT




Last update:   February 5, 2009