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ICT Literacy Toolkit
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Digital Portfolio Solutions Gallery Walk

NH Department of Education, Concord, NH
February 5, 2009 from 9AM to 1PM
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Welcome to all attending this Gallery Walk of premier portfolio tools! You’ll view demonstrations, try assessment instruments, and gain insight from educators and developers who are working to help schools.  The various solutions on display may serve different purposes and are aimed at different audiences. The following questions can help you determine which tools – or combination of tools – may be most helpful to reach your educational goals. Please think about these questions prior to attending, and as you talk to our exhibitors.

Before you start – how would your school / district answer these questions?

  • What educational purpose will the portfolios serve in your district?
  • At what grade levels will you start working with portfolios?
  • What work on assessment or curriculum is taking place (i.e, developing rubrics, curriculum mapping)?
  • What technology do you have in place now?
  • What's your budget? What are your possible funding sources?
  • What is your implementation timeline?

Questions to consider as you view the exhibitions in the Gallery Walk:

  • What kind of portfolio is this product? (i.e., career portfolio, assessment portfolio, professional development portfolio, other…)
  • Who creates the portfolios? Who reviews the portfolios?
  • Is the portfolio meant to be used for in-school or out-of-school use?
  • What grade levels are meant to use this system?
  • How extensively has it been used in K-12 schools? In New Hampshire?
  • How many schools have implemented this tool:
       In one classroom? In a grade level? In a whole school? In a whole district?

Technology issues:

  • What hardware do we need at the district to use this product?
  • Is this compatible with other programs we are using (such as our MIS)?
  • What file formats can be stored on this system?
  • What support is available (both virtually and locally)?
  • What web 2.0 features are available and which ones would  I/we use?
  • How much time is involved in setting it up? In maintaining it?
  • Does our district have the technology capacity (hardware, software, networking, and personnel) to handle this solution? How much training is involved if we have a new technology coordinator?

Implementation issues:

  • Is it easy to use?
  • What professional development (besides technology training) is included and involved?
  • Who does the work of putting together the portfolio (students, teachers)? How much time is involved?
  • Who has access to the portfolios?
  • What types of reports can be generated? For individuals? For classes?
  • What costs are involved? (Hardware, Software, Personnel time)
  • What assessment tools (e.g., rubrics, student reflection) are included?
  • Can the product be easily mapped to national, state and local standards?











Last update:   February 3, 2009