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Welcome to the ICT Literacy Toolkit

From the New Hampshire Educational Technology at the New Hampshire Department of Education, this toolkit offers guidance and suggestions to help schools meet the information and communication technologies program standards, Ed 306.42, of the Minimum Standards for School Approval.

This toolkit represents a work-in-progress that is meant as a resource to provide guidance, information, and support for schools and districts as they develop and improve their K-12 ICT Literacy program. In 2005, a new set of ICT Literacy standards came into effect in New Hampshire. The Minimum Standards for School Approval are not learning or performance standards but program standards that outline opportunities schools must provide in order to provide an adequate education to their students. Ed 306.42 of the Minimum Standards for School Approval outline the program standards for an adequate K-12 Information and Communications Technologies Literacy program. Learning targets were modeled on the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (ISTE NETS-S 1997). The ISTE Standards for Students were refreshed in 2007, and again in 2016. While languager in our program standards reflects the original terminology and focus areas of the old NETS-S standards, it is recommended to use the most updated version of the ISTE Standards for Students. This consistent change process will help our schools ensure that our students have the digital skills necessary for college and career in the 21st century. The ICT Literacy Standards are scheduled for update in 2019-2020, and the program name will be changed to Digital Literacy Standards.

The information within this toolkit was gathered over the past few years from national, regional, and local sources. We hope you will find that topics and resources are up to date and are still easy to locate and use. Use the menu on the left to browse through the pages and get acquainted with what's available in this toolkit.

As always, should you have an awesome idea or resource that you want to share, please use the Suggestion Box on the left to contact us and let us know what you would like to see in this toolkit.


Tell us what you would like to see or give us an awesome resource to add to this toolkit.
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Last updated July 3, 2019

The ICT Literacy Toolkit is supported by New Hampshire Educational Technology at the New Hampshire Department of Education.