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III. ACTION PLAN:    A. Technology Access    B. ICT Literacy    C. Professional Development    D. Community Involvement     [Data]

ICT Literacy Toolkit
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Welcome to the ICT Literacy Toolkit!

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Take a look at the newly developed COMMON RUBRICS for use with digital portfolios!

In July 2005, a new set of ICT Literacy standards took effect in New Hampshire. Thus began a multi-year change process in our schools designed to ensure that our students learn 21st century skills. This toolkit is a work-in-progress, just like the implementation of these standards.

The information within this toolkit was gathered over the past few years from national, regional, and local sources. Materials used to be in three different sections of this website. We hope you will find that topics and resources are now more organized and easier to locate. Use the menu at left to browse through the pages and get acquainted with what's here.

We have created an ICT Literacy Timeline to portray our statewide progress with this effort, complete with links to more information.

HELP US GROW THE RESOURCES IN THIS TOOLKIT! Does your school or district have some ICT Literacy Program materials that other schools might find useful?
Stanley.Freeda at with your materials attached.
And THANK YOU to those districts who have already given their generous permission for materials to be shared here! Please note that these materials have not been through a formal review process for alignment to the new ICT standards. Since each district's ICT program is at a different stage of development, some materials may be more useful to your district than others.
Last update:   March 27, 2012