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Introduction - K-12 Broad Goals - Vital Themes for the Study of History - References - Matrix

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Contributors to this Framework

Kathy Begor, Bristol Elementary School

Ronald K. Brown, Concord High School

Marie Devlin, Southern Tier Tech Prep Consortium, Nashua

William B. Ewert, State Department of Education, Concord

Rep. Suzan L. Franks, House Education Committee, Nashua

Pat Genestreti, Portsmouth

Carter B. Hart, State Department of Education, Concord

Tracy S. Hatch, State Board Committee on Assessment, Nashua

Thomas Havill, NH Geographic Alliance, Keene State College

William Kellogg, St. Paul's School, Concord

Ovide M. Lamontagne, State Board Committee on Assessment, Manchester

Pamela S. Lindberg, State Board Committee on Assessment, Concord

Judith Moyer, Durham

Sr. Jeannette Plante, Notre Dame College, Manchester

Rep. William A. Riley, House Education Committee, Marlborough

Marcia Spencer, Stevens High School, Claremont

William Taylor, (deceased), Plymouth State College

Mark Vallone, NH Council for the Social Studies, McKelvie Middle School, Bedford

Susan B. Winkler, Wolfeboro



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