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Introduction - K-12 Broad Goals for English Language Arts - References - Matrix

This framework is based on the significant body of research in English language arts and best instructional practices carried out over the past thirty years. The Department of Education is committed to using the results of this research for systemic educational improvement and change. As required by RSA 193-C, this framework represents broad consensus among educators at all levels, business people, government officials, community representatives, and parents about what students should know and be able to do in English language arts.

What is "English language arts"? RSA 193-C specifies that, at a minimum, the annual statewide assessment shall include "reading and language arts, mathematics and science, and history and geography." This framework establishes curriculum and proficiency standards for English language arts since this is the accepted professional term for the subject area of reading and language arts as it is taught throughout the grades. "English" is more commonly used in high schools; "language arts," in most elementary and middle/junior high schools. English language arts consists of the interactive processes of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. It also includes literature and the application or uses of language arts.

NHEON is a collaborative project between the New Hampshire Department of Education and educators all across the state.

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