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- Ken Relihan, Social Studies Consultant, NH Department of Education


Social Studies Frameworks Revision

Here you will find an overview of the proposed revisions to the Social Studies Framework, followed by links to each section of the proposed new standards document.

K-12 Social Studies Curriculum Framework
(Proposed Revisions)


What defines K-12 Social Studies instruction in New Hampshire?
What are the minimum standards?
What do the laws require?
What is the K-12 Social Studies Curriculum Framework?
Why study Social Studies?
What is Social Studies education? 
How might a Social Studies curriculum be structured?
Who created the revised Social Studies Curriculum Framework and Why?
How is the K-12 Social Studies Curriculum Framework organized?

PART 1: Ten Themes
PART 2: Essential Skills for Social Studies
PART 3: Content Strands

The new frameworks will be posted here when completed.

Timeline for Social Studies Frameworks Revision

1995 Existing Social Studies Framework adopted by State Board of Education
2002 Original goal for Framework Revision. NCLB and other matters cause postponement
Oct. 30, 2003 Superintendents notified by email of revision process/ request for participation

Oct.30, 2003
Social Studies Contacts notified (by email) and other interested parties (combination of email and letter) of revision process/ request for participation
November 17, 2003 Return date for nominations of revision committee members
December 2003 Sent letters of notification to the revision committee members
December 8, 2003- 4-6 pm, DOE, Room 15 Organizational meeting for all subcommittees: distribute materials, answer questions, organize subcommittees, plan calendar through June meeting
December 15, 2003- 4-6 pm, DOE, Room 12 First meeting of the Policy subcommittee cancelled due to weather
January 2004 First working meetings of the subcommittees: History, Geography, Civics, Economics and Policy
February –May 2004 Policy and the Content subcommittees hold Public Input sessions
May 2004 Preliminary Reports of the Content subcommittees due; circulate to Policy sub-committee for comment
June 7, 2004- Policy Subcommittee reviews preliminary Content Reports and public feedback; suggests revisions
Summer 2004 Primary, Middle, and High School level subcommittees are constituted and meet: three to four days; Preliminary Reports due August 2004
August through September, 2004 Draft framework is posted on www.nheon.org for public comment
September 14-28, 2004 Final Public Input sessions are held on draft framework
October 5, 2004 Policy Sub-committee reviews Level reports and feedback; suggests revisions
October, 2004 Content subcommittees meet to review feedback, and finalize sections
October 29, 2004 Policy subcommittee adopts new Frameworks; recommends to Board of Education
December 2004 The State Board of Education adopts the proposed revised framework “as a draft”.
April 29, 2005 The Department is instructed to make stylistic revisions to the draft.
July 25-27, 2005

A committee meets as part of the Content Support Institute to make suggested revisions to the Grades 5-8 and 9-12 portions of the draft

September-October 2005 Revision of the K-4 draft
Winter 2005-06 Public input sessions on the revised draft (TBD)
Spring 2006 Revised draft resubmitted for State Board approval
Fall 2006 Final Social Studies frameworks will be posted



Last update:  August 31, 2006