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Please contact me for more information and to share your own science activities. 

- Jan McLaughlin, Science Consultant, NH Department of Education


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Presidential Awards
for Excellence in Math & Science Teaching (PAEMST)

New Hampshire Presidential Winner for 2004 in Science

Mrs. Suzanne Lull

Discipline: K-6 Science

School: Washington Elementary School

Email: slull@gsinet.net

"There are no desks or assigned seats in my classroom, just tables for the kids to spread out and learn. The best way for a child to learn science is through exploring, and as a teacher, my job is to guide them to make wise choices."

- Suzanne Lull


Field Notes:

Nominate a colleague for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching! Teachers in grades K-6 with at least 5 years experience are eligible this year. Winners (one in math and one in science) will receive $10,000 cash prize! Completed applications are due by May 2, 2006.


Last updated: July 1, 2005